Light a candle in your window this Sunday for the healing of the nation

Bishop Martin Warner

Households across the Diocese of Chichester are being urged to take part in a National Day of Prayer and Action about the coronavirus this weekend (Sunday 22 March).

People are asked to light a candle in their window at 7 p.m. on Sunday “as a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ”.

The initiative had been announced by presidents of the ecumenical grouping Churches Together in England (CTE): the Archbishop of Canterbury, the RC Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, the Moderator of the Free Churches, the CTE president for the Orthodox Churches and the CTE Pentecostal president.

The Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner, offered his full support to the initiative today:
“This is an excellent opportunity for us to identify with all those who are working selflessly for the wellbeing of others, not least all those in the National Health Service and beyond, and to pray for them.

“As well as calling for prayer, for the Government, those working to contain the virus and those who are most vulnerable, the statement lists action as a practical expression of Christian faith: to telephone or email someone who is isolated, to buy some additional food for your local foodbank, or to deliver shopping for an elderly neighbour.”

The statement urges churches to follow Government health advice. Bishop Martin observed that “Prayer and kindness in responding to those who are most vulnerable is the fundamental expression of our Christian discipleship during this period.”