Just for a Laugh  3

In  the light of the current situation  “Avoid all pubs, clubs, and social gatherings” so I thought a little giggle would not go amiss.

I have dug into my archives to try and find a few funny- ish   images that have been taken over the years.

(Some have been published and some have not been seen before !!!)

Ron Hill

Tesco shelves after selfish shoppers have been in the store

Ron Hill the Snapper

Potholes are getting bad again, if stones can fall in so can your car!

Pause for thought.

Rotary Tea Dance

But officer, I am a Morris Man !

Skinny Dip in Lake Wood

Who is this, taken in 2010, any takers?

Smile you are on CCTV!

ALL IMAGES by Ron Hill (HillPhotographic)
© HillPhotographic