Homes needed for nervous Persian cats being cared for by Cats Protection

Cats Protection is appealing for understanding new owners for seven nervous Persian cats handed in from the same household.

The group all came to the centre, in Lewes Road, Chelwood Gate, after their previous owner became unable to care for them.

While in generally good health, many of the long-haired cats needed to have matted fur removed and all are nervous of people. Named Lola, Ashleigh, Sean, Evelyn, Faye, Lexie and Petra, the cats are all now ready for rehoming.

Manager of Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre Danielle Draper said: “The cats have lived indoors all their lives, and are very nervous of people. They will all need to go to particularly understanding homes where their new owners can help them grow in confidence.

“Persian cats are bred with very flattened faces and this can lead to health problems with breathing and blocked tear ducts. Some of the group do have these problems, and their new owners will need to be aware of what health problems can be associated with breeds like Persians.

“We hope that with patience and plenty of care they can all come out of their shells and enjoy a full and happy life.”

The Persians all need calm homes without young children but may be able to live with cat-friendly dogs.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Cats Protection is taking extra precautions to keep cats, volunteers, staff and the public safe. While the National Cat Adoption Centre is closed to the public, cats are being rehomed using a hands-free homing initiative. To find out more, please visit