Coronavirus Outreach Group update

Karen Bedwell, one of the instigators of the Coronavirus Outreach Group explained that in the six weeks since the Uckfield group was created, they have delivered 200 boxes into our community.

Each box, costing £9 has contained between £15 and £20 of essential food items, which have been donated by local businesses including, supermarkets, small village stores and farm shops. The group have been overwhelmed by the generosity of these donations and the financial donations made by individuals, local associations and businesses, which have helped the group to provide the boxes at cost price.

The group was set up as an emergency response and now Mrs Bedwell explained, other groups such as the Wealden Hub have gained momentum, so the Coronavirus Outreach Group is seeing a reduction in the number of boxes required. This is exactly as planned and unless there is a third period of isolation, the group will close in early May.