Coronavirus – Advice to football clubs from the Sussex FA

Guidance to football clubs from the Sussex FA

Here is the statement in full:

‘We have been contacted by a number of Leagues seeking guidance on the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
The advice is that any decision to continue playing or to postpone their respective competitions is a matter for each League as autonomous bodies within the game.

‘It is not felt that all grassroots fixtures need to be cancelled as a matter of course at this time, although some may need to be if Clubs are self-isolating and are unable to play, or if Clubs are concerned about playing and the League agrees to a postponement.

‘Clubs need to work with and communicate appropriately with Leagues if they are self-isolating and unable to play or have concerns about playing their fixture(s).

‘In line with government advice, at this time we are advising all Clubs, Leagues and Match Officials against carrying out the pre/post-match handshake(s) and/or other physical greetings as a precautionary measure at fixtures. We feel that shaking hands is easily avoidable since it poses an unnecessary risk, and we encourage everyone to continue with good hand hygiene.

‘Going forwards, we at the Sussex County FA will be continuing with our County Cup Competitions until further notice, without the pre/post-match handshake(s).

‘The FA continue to monitor all Government advice with the situation under constant review, and the priority being the health and well-being of all. As a matter of good practice would recommend that Leagues and Clubs adopt the same approach’