Climate Change Expo confirmed to take place in June

The first Climate Change Expo for Uckfield will take place at the Uckfield Civic Centre on Saturday the 13th June.

The town council’s Environment and Leisure committee agreed that this event will replace the children’s Road Safety Day this year.

The event will enable companies to promote Eco friendly and renewable energy solutions or alternatives in domestic settings to showcase their wares and products.

On the report to the committee it was commented that:

  • The restaurant would also be asked to theme it’s menu for that day as locally sourced product.
  • To arrange a day when Councillors could visit local primary schools and listen to the children’s ideas on how we could make positive changes to slow down climate change.
  • A proposed that a poster competition be carried out to be judged by the Mayor and Town Crier.
  • The working group were keen to push forward with their ambition to go paperless, and encourage all Town Councillors to go paperless by 2023.

(At present 10 out of 15 Town Councillors received their papers by email, only five received paper copies so it was possible in the next 12 months or so)

The working group were also looking into Tree Planting, working with Uckfield College, and looking at pinch points on the roads in the town including the junction of Church Street.

Councillor Karen Bedwell took to social media and said:

‘I am looking for local businesses who sell environmentally friendly products, helping people make small day to day changes to help reduce the impact of climate change to get involved in an EXPO in June at the Civic centre.if you would like more details, please message me’

She added:

‘Let’s put Uckfield on the map as an environmentally friendly town’