Child of the Decades- VE Day Celebration of music & nostalgia from the last 75 years

Child of the 90s

Join Cam & Boris for Child of the 90s on alternate Thursdays in July, 8-10pm.

Child of the Decades… a special show, in celebration of 75 years of music to mark the anniversary of V.E day, Friday 8th May. 

Starting with the 195o’s, through to today, we cover every genre of music, playing many great tunes that have linked many generations over the years.

Plus we have two quizzes; ten movies-ten decades and ten songs-ten decades, plus the toys and car quizzes in the images below.

Thanks to everyone who helped create the playlist for the show, it was a team effort.

NEXT SHOW: Our normal evening show is currently off air during the lockdown however, I will be back on Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May, 10am-2pm with another edition of Child of the Decades.

Can you match the toy to the decade? (1950’s-2010’s) 

Can you match the car to the decade? (1950’s-2010’s) 

Thanks to all of the contributors to the playlist on this show, including; 

Neil, Paul, JD, Steve, Will, Duncan, James, Sara, Red, Gemma, Kelly, Fletch, Nicola, Deemo, and Jingle man Richard…

Stay Home-Stay Safe-Protect others. xx