Chailey Repair Cafe Service during Lockdown

Chailey Repair Cafe have now extended that to offer a limited “drop it on our doorstep” service.

Bryan McAlley, Founder & Coordinator, Chailey Repair Cafe told Uckfield FM

‘Although we have had to close our physical Repair Cafe, Chailey Repair Cafe’s talented volunteers have been hard at work offering repair advice online.

‘The way that it normally works is that we put the job out to our volunteers and anyone close to you who is prepared to take it one agrees to do so. They then make contact with you and give you their address. You drop it on their doorstop and they tell you when it’s fixed. You then collect it and we invite you to make a donation toward the Cafe… That’s all there is to it!!

‘You’ll also be surprised what resources we can find online to steer you towards to repair your own stuff (including where to find a copy of that missing owner’s manual – and those filters which you never got round to replacing!)

‘Since lockdown, we have given taken on a washing machine Sony CD player, Kenwood Chef, an internet connection, quad bike, TV, Flymo, dehydrator, hoover, pressure washer, sewing machine, clock, printer, floor lamp, a teddy bear and much more!!! It’s pretty much what we usually do, but in a different way!!  Please note that we only have limited resources right now, so we may have to say we can’t take on some items – especially if they are large!

‘Please email us at with details of the make and model number of what is broken, preferably with a good quality photo or two, and we will see what we can do to offer you advice by email and if there is one of our volunteers who will agree to look at it’