Chailey repair cafe even busier during lockdown

Chailey repair cafe even busier during lockdown and still unable to open the physical cafe.


Bryan McAlley  told Uckfield FM:

Sadly, it has simply not  been possible to  reopen  the physical Repair Café  in Chailey Village Hall due to the current restrictions – but we will be back!!


‘The good news is that, although we  have had to close the  physical Repair Café, our talented volunteers are  hard at work offering repair advice online and a “drop it on the  doorstep” service.


‘The way that it works is that we put the repair request out to our volunteers and anybody who is prepared to take it on  makes contact and gives you their address. You drop it on their doorstop and they’ll tell you when it’s fixed and can be collected. We’ll  invite you to pay for any parts and  make a donation toward the Cafe… That’s all there is to it!!


‘Since lockdown, we have now taken on nearly 100 “drop off” repairs with more coming in every day!   We are delighted to  now be able to offer our legendary knife sharpening service again…..


‘Our amazing  volunteers only have  limited resources right now, so we  may have to say they  can’t take on some repairs  – and please note that we can only take on items which are portable, so no tumble dryers or fridge freezers please!!! And, much as we’d like to, we don’t do home visits…….


‘Contact the Repair Café  at with details of the make and model number of what needs repairing , preferably with a good quality photo or two, and we  will see what we can  do’


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