Can you still play Euro Millions after Brexit?

After multiple years of deliberation the day that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union
has finally arrived and despite many revelating this day, others are asking if they can still take
part in the Euro Millions?

After the initial referendum took place on the 23rd June 2016 whether the UK would remain or
leave the European Union, almost four years later the day finally arrived where the UK and EU
went separate ways.

With this decision having a huge effect on a variety of things immediately,
there are various other changes that will be made over the upcoming months. But will the
EuroMillions be effected in any way by Brexit?

Keeping things simple, those of you living in the United Kingdom do not have to worry about
being able to take part in the Euro Millions as you still can. Whether or not you are a part of the
European Union does not have an effect on the Euro Millions, as it is not a contingent on the
UK’s membership with the EU.

It does not matter for participants who want to take part in the Euro Millions if they do or do not
live in a European Union country, as there are a number of countries that are not a part of the
EU who still take part in the Euro Millions.

Although you now know that you can still take part in the Euro Millions you may be wondering if
Brexit has had an effect on the Euro Millions prize value. Well after the initial referendum took
place in 2016 the value of the pound dropped so there was a direct effect on the Euro Million

Despite what you may be thinking though, it was not a negative effect as the currency used in
the Euro Millions is in fact Euros. So, when a member of the United Kingdom wins a prize from
the Euro Millions it is converted from Euros to pounds so you, in fact, want the Euro to hold
more value.

Another question of many UK members mind is whether or not the price of a Euro Millions ticket
will change? There is every chance that the price may increase of Euro Millions ticket, however,
this is down to the decision of the UK National Lottery who runs the competition. The cost of a
Euro Millions ticket currently sits at £2.50 and there has been no sign of this changing anytime

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