Buxted Coronavirus scheme up and running to assist residents

Nick Bolton, from the Buxted Inn posted on social media the offer to the elderly in the village for his team to do the shopping for them.

As a result he has posted this statement on Buxted Council website:

There is a combined effort being organised at The Buxted Inn which covers the whole of the parish. We now have a team of over 50 volunteers from all over the parish. We have a comprehensive plan with a delivery network including drivers and a whole host of both contingency plan, back up food supplies and safety measures that have been implemented. We are working closely with the surgery, advisory NHS experts and quarantine experts.

First stage is to continue to spread the word. We have 2000 flyers being delivered to every house hold on Thursday/Friday.

Once these leaflets are out there we are expecting the phone to ring fairly regularly, as we will be offering a range of services, whether it is shopping, collecting/submitting prescriptions, delivering, dog walking or just phoning around to make sure people are ok.

Food will be left at the doorstep. The volunteer will then ring the bell and then stand 3m back. The person can then pick up the shopping and leave the money, once they are back inside the volunteer can then collect the money.

All volunteers will have disposable gloves, masks are recommended NOT to be worn! All produce will be washed down at The Buxted Inn with food safe sanitiser before going to houses.

We have a stock of boxes and bags which we have ‘quarantined’ in order to ensure as best as possible they are virus free.

When it comes to payment we are going to encourage bank transfer form those that are tech savy. However, we can also take cash or cheque if needed. For both of these we will ask them to put it in an envelope (provided) that can then be sanitised when opened.

Once we have their contacts numbers of service users we will follow up with a phone call every 3 days to check if they need anything else.

The Buxted Inn is being sanitised regularly, however should it become possible that we get cases here we have back up bases to move from and phones can be diverted. Expert advise is being received around this.

Please look out for the leaflets that should arrive by the weekend and please let anyone know who doesn’t have access to the internet that this service will be available.

Nick told Uckfield FM:

‘The important thing thing to get across is to make sure people know we are here. They can call us on 01825 733510 7.30am to 11pm 7 days a week or emil a shopping list to info@thebuxtedinn.co.uk.

‘We are going to extraordinary hygiene methods which include isolating all bags and boxes for 48 hours, sanitizing all produce, money and ourselves!