Bexphoto & the twins – February

Bex Maini, Bexphoto Cover Photo

I’ve been having a few solo adventures in London this month!  There’s an amazing exhibition at the moment in North Greenwich and I’ve had some amazing food in and around the Borough Market so read on for my reviews of these and more…


Growing Twins – a room update

We’ve rearranged the twins room to prepare for bigger beds!  They’re still in their toddler beds which converted from cots a couple of years ago.  It’s still a work in progress as it looks a bit too cluttered now with the furniture all lining the room so we might have to get rid of the daybed and I plan to change the wall decor a bit too as the opposing slanted walls are a bit too much, I’m limited in what I can put there though as frames would have to be screwed on due to the angle.  We’re sticking with the rainbow theme though!  Check out the before and after photos of the progress so far on the blog:


Phlock Spotlight Exhibition

I am so thrilled to have THREE images selected for the Spotlight exhibition in Manchester!  It will be on display in the Midland Hotel from 20th-22nd March and all of the selected images are stunning, I can’t wait to see them all printed together!  I had an image chosen in the Nature & Landscapes, Social Documentary and Maternity categories.


Brand update – painted rainbows!

I painted my own rainbow logos!  I had so much fun painting with my watercolours to create some little logos for my Instagram Highlights to make my profile neat and tidy and to tie it into my rainbow brand colours.  You can see my freshly updated Bexphoto Instagram profile to see the multi-coloured rainbows in pride of place across the top.  I painted a different one for each category of stories such as Travels 2020 and Features 2020 as well as Client reviews.  It looks so pretty!  I like them so much I’ve framed one of the originals…


Cycling/Scooting at Friston

A great half-term activity – the path to the beach from Friston car park is completely flat and ideal for little ones on bikes or scooters!  The twins aren’t quite confident on their bikes yet and were rather moody the day we met friends but luckily they got over it and eventually enjoyed a scoot along the path in the wind!  We warmed up afterwards in the Saltmarsh Farmhouse Cafe with hot chocolates and lunch.  A lovely day out with friends!  It’ll be the perfect location in the summer once they’ve had a bit more practice on their bikes!


Train rides in London and the German Gymnasium restaurant review

I absolutely love photographing kids on trains!  Reflections are one of my favourite things to capture so the ever changing outside landscape and the light coming in often makes for the ideal conditions and I have sooooo many favourites from just one train ride into Kings Cross and back out to South East London!  Check out the blog post for more and a quick review of German Gymnasium restaurant (it’s good)!


Pancake Day

It was Pancake Day last week so of course I made pancakes with the kids.  We had them with a cheese & ham filling for dinner followed by whipped cream and cherry syrup for pudding!  Yum!  We had a great time making them too and just ate them in the kitchen as each one cooked so they stayed fresh and hot so I have no photos of the finished product, we were all too eager to wolf them down!


Emmanuelle Moureaux’s Slices of Time exhibition

This exhibition is running until the 19th April and is free to enter but you do need to book a slot online.  It’s at NOW gallery right next to North Greenwich underground station in London so really easy to get to from London Bridge where trains from Buxted and Uckfield take you, it’s just 4 stops on the Jubilee line from London Bridge.

It’s a fairly small exhibition, just one main installation in one space but it’s well worth seeing – I loved the colours of course but it’s so mesmerising seeing all those numbers suspended in mid air, so perfectly spaced in 100 different colours!  It took 14 days to install and includes 168,000 numbers in total!  I took a new self-portrait there in my rainbow jacket…


Roast Restaurant review

After our rainbow escapades in North Greenwich, we hopped back on the tube to London Bridge for lunch at Roast in the Borough Market.  It’s pricey given it’s location but the food is amazing and you’re well looked after in the spacious dining room.  It was nice to have a bit of a “posh” lunch after our wander around the market the previous week eating bits and bobs on benches.  As neither of us was driving we indulged in a nice cocktail with bread & olives then a carafe of Malbec with dinner.  I ended up with major food envy but I still thoroughly enjoyed my choice of main and the Mac & Cheese side is the best I’ve had and a massive portion!


Colour Chase Challenge – Yellow

February’s colour was yellow which I found easier than I expected.  A trip to Ikea, the Emmanuelle exhibit and good old Wilderness Wood helped me capture plenty of yellow.  Check out all of the photos over on the blog, it’s such a joyful project!


Bex’s everyday 366 Project

So far so good, I’ve shot almost every day for January and February!

You can follow along with the project and see all of the photos full size and un-cropped on Bex’s 366 Project page.


Published in Digital Photographer magazine!

I’ve had a photo published in Digital Photographer magazine as part of a gallery celebrating women in photography.  I’m still putting myself and my work out there with these kinds of submissions and it’s definitely paying off despite being a scary thing to do, the rewards are so worth it when I get selected for publication!


The BIG Giveaway worth over £600!!

This month I am running my biggest giveaway ever!  I’m celebrating lots of things Bexphoto related this year so I decided to spread the joy and run a Mother’s Day giveaway.  It’s launching on the  and the grand prize includes all of the things I would love to receive for Mother’s Day and a family photo shoot with me!  All locally sourced from small, family run businesses including Wilderness Wood Cafe’s special Mother’s Day brunch, head to the blog post to find out all the other prizes and why I selected each one!

The giveaway is launching tomorrow evening so go and follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see details of how to enter when it goes live tomorrow at 8pm!  The winner will be announced on Wednesday 11th March, T&Cs can be found on the entry form.  There will be runners up prizes too 😉


Next month:

I’ll be able to fill you all in on the Phlock Live conference!  I’m so excited but nervous about my first speaking gig but the whole weekend is going to be amazing with loads of social events, another photographer has booked me to take photos of her family while we’re there (the ultimate compliment!) and I am booked into plenty of classes myself so I will be brimming with new skills and knowledge when I come back!