Bexphoto in December & January – a double whammy

As I was away for most of January, I’ve done my best to be concise and include the very best updates here but there has been a lot happening what with Christmas and our trip to Malaysia so get yourself a cuppa and enjoy this epic catch up 😉  Jacqui and I will also have to skip chatting about some of these I reckon but we’ll cover what we can!  Tune in at 11:30am on Thursday 6th February to listen to use chat about all the fun things going on.

Of course if you want to see EVERYTHING we’ve been up to over the last couple of months, do go and check out the Bexphoto blog and sign up to updates every time I publish something new.


The Maini ADVENTures

We had a lot of advent fun after I was here last!  Uckfield’s Late Night shopping, Festival of trees, some crafty projects and various other festivities but I haven’t had time to write about everything – check out my review of some of my favourite festive fun here:


New (Blue) Hair!

I got the tips of my hair dyed a bright colour!  I love it!!  I wanted teal and it’s really fun with my boring old greys.


Tongue Tie Service

I’m delighted to be launching my own tongue-tie service for babies having trouble feeding.  I have personal experience of struggling to breastfeed as my son had a tongue-tie.  It was such a relief when we were able to get this released when he was 7 days old, this enabled me to continue feeding my twins for 15 months, something that we loved.  I know many stories since of people struggling to access this option and having to wait weeks or even months so it seems this is a much needed new service locally.  I’d been on the waiting list for training for 2 years and completed this with midwife and tongue-tie specialist, Jayne Threlfall in Southampton.

I’ll be running it from my dental practice in Lewes and working with a fully trained IBCLC lactation consultant Jenny Baldwin.  If anyone would like more information, you can find it here:  Our first clinic is running on the 28th February.


Top Tips for displaying your photos

I wrote a blog post with my top tips for displaying your photos, aimed at my family clients who might not be able to decide on the best option of what to do with their new professional photos.  This guide is also helpful for anyone who might be re-designing a room in their house and want to include some more personal photos on the walls.


Christmas Day

Christmas was so much fun, I am really loving this age the twins are at now!  They’re hilarious, fun and super cute, Christmas was full of excitement at my in-laws’ lovely home.


Documentary Family Award winner!

I won an award!  This is a huge international competition for documentary family photographers so I’m extra thrilled to have an image place in the top ten of the details category.  This photo of my son’s shoulder with the delicate water droplets came in 8th place against some seriously talented competition.


Shower Sessions

My new shower sessions are proving very popular.  Tagged onto the end of a maternity or newborn lifestyle photo shoot, they add something a bit different to your gallery.  I absolutely love these images focusing on the water and light on this baby bump, definitely something I wish I’d had done when I was pregnant.


Review of 2019

I posted my Top 9 images from Instagram as well as my own Top 9 photos I love from 2019.  I also wrote a post reviewing all the amazing things we’ve done and achievements of mine this year.  It’s been rather epic with some great successes, it was good to go back and really see everything together, it’s only served to inspire me to make 2020 as awesome, if not more-so!  See below for my new goals for this year (I managed almost all of my 2019 goals)!  😀


2020 Goals

I have so many goals for this year.  Most of them photography related!  I’ve made a list of specific photography goals on the blog and I’ve taken on a few personal projects too.  I like having things to aim for and after I applied and was accepted to Click Pro this time last year, I’m now working on a new portfolio for another, similar title/achievement.


Kuala Lumpur for New Year and my 365 project

One of my new projects is a 365 project (actually 366 this year as it’s a leap year).  The idea is to take a photo a day, shooting daily makes me think, observe and experiment more which in turn helps me keep growing and improving as a photographer, being creative every day, even if it’s just a phone shot or something simple.

It all started with a bang though – fireworks at KLCC park in Kuala Lumpur for new year!


Port Dickson street photography

Port Dickson is a lovely beach town about an hour south of Kuala Lumpur.  My parents live there and we love exploring the town, it”s such a safe and friendly place to wander, I enjoyed snapping a few photos of the colours I spotted around.  You can see more on the Bexphoto blog.


Kalyan’s haircut in PD, Malaysia

We struggled to get Kalyan’s hair cut before we left so took him in PD while we were there.  He loved the experience and I loved documenting it as always – somewhat different to Buxted Village Barber!


Muzium Tentera Derat

Another fun outing in Port Dickson, we went to the local Military Museum, we knew Kalyan would love all the trains, planes and helicopters and he certainly did!  We went around the exhibitions, played in the old helicopters, explored the tunnel and climbed the tree-top walk.  It’s a great day out.


Underwater Photography

I managed to add to my underwater photography equipment over Christmas and my birthday!  Perfect timing for our trip away where I managed to get lots of practice in and around the pool using my new underwater case for my DSLR and my new GoPro 8 with a dome.  Here are some of the results but you can see more on the blog via these two links:


Maternity Photography

While I was away I managed to finish this maternity gallery I shot just before we left.  I just adore maternity sessions, so much excitement and anticipation plus the amazing feat of women’s bodies growing brand new humans!


Winner of 4 Click Pro Awards

I’ve now won FOUR Click Pro awards!  It’s such an exciting achievement when competing against so many other talented pros!  You can see the other award winning images here:


Featured on Unraveled

I had another image chosen to be featured in the top 20 of Unraveled’s weekly blog post which always has hundreds of submissions.  They chose this self portrait of mine.  The following week another one of my images was chosen for the next top 20!  I love this series of my twins in the bath so I was very happy they selected one for the week’s feature awards.


Featured on Hello Storyteller

I’ve vowed to submit my work to more places this year and it’s paying off with another two features, this time on Hello Storyteller, another American based international photography school and community.


Colour Chase Challenge – White

Yep, I’m doing this challenge again!  I loved it last year – you can see my final grids here (with a little bit of cheating filling in colours from other months).

It was white again for January and I actually ended up with two grids as I shot more white than I’d thought!  One of which was solely made up of the fun bubble bath (see below) and the other a rather colourful approach to white…


Projects for 2020

I’ve taken on quite a few personal projects this year.  As I mentioned, I’m doing the Colour Chase Challenge again and I’m also having a go at another 365 project (well, 366 this year as we’re in a leap year) taking a photo every day.  I’ve also signed up to a couple of 52 week projects and a portrait blog loop, each with specific themes each week or month.  All of these give me different ways to be creative, keep shooting for myself and not just clients and in my experience of previous projects, help me to keep improving and grow as a photographer.  Plus they’re fun!

Here’s an example of some favourites I’ve already taken for each of these projects…



Nik and I had a 5 night break in Penang while we were in Malaysia, the kids had a great time with their grandparents while we were gone and we got to take advantage of free babysitting 🙂  We booked 3 nights in the World Heritage Site, Georgetown and 2 nights out by the beach for a proper couple of days chilling after all our exploring…

Temple & Laksa

While in Georgetown, we stayed at new hotel, The .  It was very modern with lots of white and copper, a lovely stylish hotel with very reasonable prices in the heart of the city.  It was just a short walk to Little India and loads of restaurants and street food.  We had a great time exploring all of the Chinese and Indian heritage with a Nyonya restored mansion, a Buddhist temple or two and plenty of delicious food which Penang is famous for!


Batu Ferringhi Beach

At the beach, we stayed at the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang resort, on the side with an adult only pool and perks like afternoon tea and cocktail hour included in our stay, it was just the retreat we needed from our stressful, busy lives.  We barely left the resort, choosing to enjoy chilling by the pool (the sand-flies are vicious so other than a quick sunset wander on the beach we stayed further in-land) and relaxing in the spa and hotel itself.

Bathtime Fun!

I mean, the photos speak for themselves – I got wet, the bathroom was flooded but look how much FUN!


Wilderness Wood

It’s no secret how much we all love Wilderness Wood!  I’m often sharing photos I’ve taken there and last weekend was a great one with some lush light as we walked through the woods, had a play on the tyre swing and enjoyed some of their famously epic cakes and cookies which are as big as your face!


Next month:

Nik and I are heading out for lunch at Hotel Du Vin using a voucher he was given as a gift when he became a consultant.  We also plan to book The Hurstwood’s amazing Valentine’s menu if we can get a babysitter on the 14th!

I’ll leave you with this sunrise photo I took outside my house last week…