Be a Hero for Rockinghorse

Rockinghorse is launching their new ‘Be a Rockinghorse Hero’ campaign, offering some ideas of how you can still support them, even if you are stuck at home.

As we all know, the health services are stretched to capacity at this time and many of us are expecting the impact to be closer to home in terms of our working arrangements or childcare.

But you can still help.


  • It could be that you’re not spending so much on your daily commute by using less petrol, saving on your bus fare or buying that coffee on the way to work so why not think about donating that money to Rockinghorse?


  • Do you have a birthday coming up? If you’re not going to going out to celebrate, why not ask your friends and family to donate the price of a gift or a night out to Rockinghorse?


  • And, if you do find yourself at home with the kids, why not set them a challenge? They could be part of our new ‘Rockinghorse Force’ and be sponsored to help around the house?

For more ideas on how you can continue to help support Rockinghorse and the Royal Alex, take a look at our website, look on our Just Giving Page at or search for Rockinghorse on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

However you do it, any support you can offer would be amazing. Use the hashtag #BeaRockinghorseHero to show off your efforts and continue to help keep our children’s hospital functioning to the high standards we want for our children at this critical time.