BBQ responsible for heath-land fire on Ashdown Forest

Fire on Ashdown Forest Heathland (stock) Image Ashdown Forest Facebook

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is warning people not to have BBQs at beauty spots after heath land caught alight yesterday.

The Service was called at 14:16 on 16 April 2020 to the Ashdown Forest Centre, Colemans Hatch Road in Wych Cross.

An area of heath-land measuring around 100 metres by 50 metres was alight.

Crews used a hose reel jet and beaters to put it out.

Forest Rangers also helped.

The fire was caused by a disposal BBQ.

The Service is asking people to stay at home to help protect the NHS and save lives.

It also has the following advice for anyone who wants to have a BBQ at home.

  • Think about your neighbours – smoke can be harmful to people who are already suffering from breathing problems
  • Set up your barbecue on level ground away from bushes, tents or other buildings – do not have BBQs on balconies
  • Put only about 2 inches of charcoal in the barbecue and keep the rest away from the fire
  • Only use recommended fluids or firelighters and never petrol
  • Be careful when cooking fatty foods to avoid flare-ups
  • Make sure the coals are cool before trying to move the barbecue and empty ash onto garden soil
  • Never empty into a dustbin
  • Have a means of extinguishing any fire in an emergency on hand


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