April Nature Notes by Wendy Tagg

Bluebells in West Park Nature Reserve

“Do remember they can’t cancel the spring.” said David Hockney from his lockdown in Normandy.

For the next few weeks, we must:

Stay at Home

Protect the NHS

Save Lives


During these difficult times, I have often been sleepless in the darkest hours before dawn. Then the fluid notes of a Blackbird sung me into a better place. I follow the song into the garden and everything seems more manageable. When I really focus on nature – the flowers in the garden, the birds, whatever I can see, or hear, or feel – then I feel less anxious and more in control. This is a good time to appreciate the wildlife and wildflowers that you can see from the window or in your garden.

You might enjoy keeping a nature journal as suggested here: https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/how-to-make-and-use-a-nature-journal-to-record-your-wildlife-obs.html

Blackthorn blossom with Peacock

The blackthorn blossom is just starting to open and, right on cue, the icy blasts of a blackthorn winter are upon us. However, I have already seen a butterfly in the garden – so now is the time to look out for them. You might see them sunbathing on a sunny wall.

7 spot ladybird

The sun is also calling out the ladybirds, this weekend I found several. If you want to identify them, visit the UK Ladybird Survey website. https://www.coleoptera.org.uk/coccinellidae/conspicuous-ladybirds



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