World of Country – 23/02/20

Paul Hazell's World of Country can be heard on alternate Sunday evenings from 7pm

This episode included a set of songs either covered by Ronnie Ronalde or his hits covered by country artists.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Wade Hayes (US) Old Enough To Know Better
Jesse Jones (US) Meanwhile In This Honky Tonk
Tex Williams & His Western Caravan (US) Cowboy Polka
Les Hatley (US) Faster
The Doreymen (Can) Above And Beyond
Eddy Gee (US) Walking Out The Door
Holy Water & Whiskey US) The Wayward Wind
Doug Adkins (US) I Wish It Were Raining
Peter & Gordon (Peter Asher & Gordon Waller) (UK) Willow Garden
Louis Sheridan (US) Midnight Rain
Virginia Lee (SA) Across The Bridge
Johnny Heap (Aus) Travel By Train
Slim Whitman (US) Darling Don’t Cry
Ivo Robic (Yugo) String Along
Nothin’ Fancy (US) I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Takeo Hori & Swingwest (Jap) The Searchers (Ride Aaway)
Greta Elkin (Ire) The Windmill Song
Rex Allen Snr (US) Lonely Little Robin
John Hore Grenell (NZ) Mockingbird Hill
Ernest Tubb (US) Rose Of The Mountain
Sydney Devine (Scot) If I Were A Blackbird
Cody Fox & His Yellow Jackets (US) Let Me Sing In Echo Valley
Max McCauley (NZ) Down The Trail Of Achin’ Hearts
Ronnie Ronalde (UK) Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue
Gary S Pratt (US) Just A-Ridin’
The Tumbleweeds (Hol) Tumbleweeds Polka
Matt Hurter (SA) There Stands The Glass