World of Country – 19/07/20

Paul Hazell's World of Country can be heard on alternate Sunday evenings from 7pm

Everything played this week.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Flying J Wranglers (US) Yippi Yi Your Troubles Away
Holly Norman (US) B’grass tribute to Elvis Long Live The King
Rick Norcross & The All-Star Ramblers (US) God Bless The Mighty Pickle (Tour Coach)
Jimmy Dean (US) Big John
Darren Mullins (US) Drunken Sailor
Garth Brooks (US) Night Rider’s Lament
Charlie Daniels (US) The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Charlie Daniels (US) Uneasy Rider
Charlie Daniels (US) Long Haired Country Boy
Charlie Daniels (US) Git Along Little Dogies
Johnny Gimble (US) Draggin’ The Bow
Walkin’ South (Germ) Fox On The Run
Aly Cook (NZ) Cold Wind
George Jones (US) Sparkling Brown Eyes
Dave Caley (UK-US) Livin’ It Up Back Stage
Jean Stafford (Aus) Blackboard Of My Heart
Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers (US) Hold On Little Dogies Hold On
Wilf Carter (Can) West Of Rainbow Trail
Don Walser (US) Marie
Tim Dugger (US) You’re Gonna Love Me
Billy Walker (US) Little Joe The Wrangler
Squeezin’ Steve Searle (Can) Atlantic Lullaby
Noel Burns (NZ) I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
Kerrigan La-Brooy (Aus) Don’t We All Have The Right To Be Wrong Now & Then
Country Rangers (Jap) Texas Playboy Rag
Stephanie Davis (US) Hittin’ The Trail Tonight
Harry & Jeanie West (US) Homestead On The Farm
Rudy Van Dam & The Riders (Hol) Break Of Day
Ross Allen (Can) Troubles On My Mind
Owen Blundell (Aus) China Doll
Bob & Sheila Everhart (US) My Sweet Love Ain’t Around
Otis C Truax (US) Leave A Mark
Jean Shepard (US) A Tear Dropped By
Paul Sanchez (US) Hey Mr Bartender
The Wildmans feat: Dori Freeman (US) Rid My Mind
Johnny Morris (NZ) On The Plains Away Out There
Eurograss (Eu) Headin’ West
Eli Barsi (US) Riding Home To You
Fraser Newcombe (Can) My Youth Back