World of Country – 16/08/20

Paul Hazell's World of Country can be heard on alternate Sunday evenings from 7pm

Everything played on this edition of the programme.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Hackensaw Boys (US) Look Out Dog, Slow Down Train
Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton (US) I Am Always Waiting
Georgette Jones & J K Coltrain (US) My Elusive Dreams
John Williamson & Chad Morgan (Aus) A Country Balladeer
Elvis Aaron Presley & Rose Angelica (US) Welcome To My World
Brian Hurst (NZ) Deep Water
Kenny Roberts (US) Blue
Bill Mack (US) Crazy Baby Boogie
George Strait (US) Drinking Champagne
Bill Mack (US) When The Sun Goes Down
Leann Rimes & The Time Jumpers (US) Blue
Si Kahn & The Looping Bros (US-Hol) Old Country Store
Tim Lake (US) Grey Eagle
Frankie Miller (US) I’m Ragged But I’m Right
The Plainsmen (NZ) One Red Rose
Con Whelan (Aus) Over Hilltop And Hollow
Jimmy Stone (SA) All Because Of My Jealous Heart
Merle Monroe (Tim Raybon & Daniel Grindstaff) (US) This Town
Lacey Snyder (US) Crying My Heart Out Over You
Cowgirl’s Dream (vcl Toby Hanson) (US) Take Me Back To Tulsa
Reg Poole (Aus) Poppy
Cindy Hall (US) starting out in ’75 Nashville 1975
Dave Alexander (US) Across The Alley From The Alamo
Barron River Drifters (Aus) Allons A Lafayette
Johnny Chester & Hotspur (Aus) When It’s Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley
Barry Thornton (Aus) Guitar Express
Eli Barsi (Can) Old Alberta Plains
Riders In The Sky (US) Back In The Saddle Again
Hank Williams (US) Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Used To Do
Trefoil (Hol) Not Another Train Song
Ray Meyers (Can) Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Joey & Rory (Feek) (US) A Bible And A Belt
Amber Digby & Johnny Bush (US) I’ll Warm By The Flame
Derroll Adams (US) Freight Train Blues
Jack Denley & The Trail Riders (NZ) Ballad Of Waitaki
Slim Whitman (US) Tomorrow Never Comes
Hank Thompson (US) What’s Made Milwaukee Famous
Yoshio Ohno (JAP) Let Me Sing In Echo Valley
Ronnie Ronalde (UK) Sweetwater Mountain