What Matters to you in Wealden

Wealden’s Local Plan Direction of Travel Consultation will run from Monday 23 November until Monday 18 January.

You can take part in the consultation online from 23 November on the Wealden website.

The events of the past year will also make us think about how we design for the future, taking account of the expected need for office space, tourist accommodation and changing shopping habits.

When responding to the consultation, you can provide your own views as to how you would like the council to take forward the various policy options in a new Local Plan.

The council will be working closely throughout the local plan process with our Town and Parish Councils, neighbouring local authorities and other partners, organisations and stakeholders.

These are the themes outlined in the Local Plan Direction of Travel Consultation:

⦁ Tackling climate change, achieving carbon zero outputs and improving air quality.
⦁ Ensure that growth and change is supported by infrastructure delivery to meet the needs of our communities.
⦁ Delivering the right type of homes, in the right location and to a high standard to meet local need.
⦁ Supporting local businesses, increasing jobs and ensure a thriving, diverse and a locally sustainable economy.
⦁ Improving our existing tourism offer and increasing visitor spend.
⦁ Supporting and regenerating our town and local centres by attracting the right investment and creating vibrant places that provide for our community’s needs.
⦁ Protecting and enhancing our natural environment and increase biodiversity and the quality of our green and blue spaces.
⦁ Protecting our high quality landscapes, our heritage and cultural assets.
⦁ Delivering high quality places through design, accounting for local character and distinctiveness.
⦁ Helping our communities to thrive, living safe, inclusive and healthy lives.