Uckfield Coronavirus outreach box service restarts

Uckfield’s Outreach Box service has restarted this week, the scheme ran by volunteers was featured on our website back in April https://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2020/local-news/uckfield-coronavirus-outreach-boxes-update/ and has been restarted as COVID isolation cases are on the rise

Karen Bedwell, who is a leader of the project, said the scheme was for anyone who comes under the elderly, vulnerable & isolating bracket but also those unable to access immediate food supplies or needing extra support with food while school age children are isolating at home

The Outreach lunchbox is reliant donations to a crowd funding page , a box will cost £5 and provides one child with a minimum of five lunches and some extras

These are currently available for daily delivery but from Saturday (October 31) will be available for delivery twice weekly on a Sunday and a Wednesday

Food is not donated for this outreach service – it is purchased, the scheme is not for profit

Contact Uckfield Coronavirus Outreach service by visiting their Facebook page or emailing: uckfieldcvvolunteers@gmail.com