Sussex Police launch new awareness for Knife Crime

A new initiative has been launched by Sussex Police to help tackle knife crime and raise awareness of the dangers of knife possession.

Officers, with the aid of a specially-designed van, will be visiting local communities, including schools, high streets and supermarkets, across Sussex to engage, inform and educate about the serious risks of knife possession.

Members of the public will hear real-life stories of people whose lives have been impacted by knife crime and receive information and advice on where they can get help.

This forms part of a wider campaign to combat knife crime after Sussex Police secured additional funding from The Home Office’s Serious Violence Fund for 2020/21.

Other tactics include targeted days of action, increased patrols, knife sweeps, test purchasing activities and a multi-agency awareness campaign.

Chief Constable Jo Shiner said: “Carrying a knife can change your life forever, not only does it put you and those around you at an increased risk of harm, but getting caught with one can result in serious personal and legal consequences, We want to help young people make the right choices by educating on the risks of knife possession and helping them get the support they need to live knife free.”

The full detail is on the website for Sussex Police