Supporting Crowborough resource for locals

Supporting Crowborough was set up on 13th March in order to build up a network of support for the vulnerable in Crowborough ready to assist during the outbreak of COVID-19.
The group is run by a committee of 5 people, chaired by Kirsty Harman.  

The town has been divided up into twenty two different areas, each of these areas have a Coordinator and a group of Volunteers.

Requests for help come from various sources such as Social Media, Telephone, word of mouth,  Crowborough Town Council and Wealden District Council, and they are able to assist with shopping, collecting prescriptions, posting letters or even just a chat over the phone.

All of the groups work is carried out whilst maintaining social distancing and takes place contactless.

The group has people from all different backgrounds, so if they cannot help they can point you in the right direction, If you or someone you know needs assistance then do not hesitate to contact the group 

Email: Tel:  01892 317151