Sewing Crow-Bees Raise Funds for Charity with Masks and raffle

A group of ladies from Crowborough, who didn’t know each other until the first lockdown have been busy, raising money for charity through making masks.  

Maisie Jones and Alison Cousins had been furloughed in March; they did not know each other but Maisie began to sew masks from fabric she had been given.  

Masie put up a post on Facebook to publicize her free-for-donations-to-charity masks, Alison reached out and it all started. As a result of appeals via Facebook more ladies stepped up to help and Sewing Crow-Bees was formed.  

There are now 11 core members producing not only fabric masks, but also mask bags, gel bottle holders, ear savers & headbands with buttons to hook masks onto and there is a lot more in the pipeline  

The ladies have so far raised over £1,600 for NHS Together Charity, over £13,000 for Friends of Crowborough Hospital working towards a target of £15,000 and £2.150 for The Royal British Legion, Poppy Appeal – by stitching, knitting & crocheting ‘poppy’ items and setting up a stall. 

The group are running a charity raffle, with many prizes up for grabs (see their Facebook Page), the draw was due to be announced on November 21st but likely to be delayed until December with the current lockdown.  

Tickets can be purchased by sending the group a DM with screenshot of payment to our fundraiser on Virgin Giving and providing an email address or phone number so that we can contact them if successful, and they will arrange how to get your paper or if you’d prefer a virtual ticket.  

The group can be found on Facebook