Santa calls at Uckfield Hospital

The League of Friends of Uckfield Community Hospital were happy to provide a selection of refreshment goods for all the staff at the hospital as Christmas Day approached.  

It has become a standard practice over the years to supply the staff with a variety of items including tea, coffee and chocolate to help them whilst they carry out their duties within the hospital.

This year things have been very, very different.  The staff have been tested, at times, to their limits.  They have excelled and coped with all the Covid –  19 could throw at them, so, in recognition the League of Friends thought it would be appropriate to recognise this and thank them for their sterling efforts.

Following discussions with Robert Muggeridge, the Community Champion at Tesco, it was agreed that with their help the League of Friends would provide all 350 members of staff with a small gift to show their appreciation and thank them for all the hard work and commitment that they had shown during these very testing times.

Those patients in the hospital who were unable to return home for The Festive Season were all presented with a small gift from The League of Friends on Christmas morning to help them enjoy the day and remind them of the meaning of Christmas.

The League of Friends were very grateful to The Dementia Forum Group supported by Uckfield Town Council, who promote understanding within the community of those living with this affliction, for the very kind donation of the Christmas activity packs containing puzzles, games and gifts for those in-patients in the Millwood Ward.