Nus Ghani supporting calls to reopen places of worship

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, has spoken to local faith leaders regarding the impact of Covid restrictions on Wealden’s churches, and is determined to campaign for their full reopening in December.

Nus is holding daily telephone surgeries with Wealden residents, businesses and organisations.

Last week, she spoke to various faith leaders from across Wealden and listened to their concerns and objections to the closure of local churches.

Nus has previously stressed her reluctance to support national lockdown measures in light of the low rates of infections in Wealden at the Covid-19 debate in Parliament. She recognises the impact of lockdown on Wealden’s services and she is determined to continue lobbying the Government on the behalf of local faith leaders to ensure that places of worship reopen fully from 2 December.

Nus Ghani said: “People of all faiths have not been able to mark religious festivals in the traditional way this year and they have shown incredible patience and resilience. Places of worship have demonstrated in recent months that they can be made safe for individuals to come together to reflect, pray and celebrate. I am pleased to have successfully campaigned for the reopening of places of worship on 15 June, and I will continue to campaign to ensure that our churches are fully open from 2 December when the national lockdown measures expire.”