New restrictions limit Christmas Bubble to one day only

At 16:00 on Saturday 19th December, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to the Nation, some new measures in the flight against COVID-19, as a result of a new “variant” of the Virus that appears to be spreading much quicker than the “original” strain which may be up to 70% more transmissible

The main changes are for residents living in “tier three” areas of London and the South East, who are now further restricted, and the five days of Christmas for the whole of England where three families were allowed to meet, are now reduced just to Christmas day

The headlines were;-

1. Areas of London and the Southeast that were in Tier 3 are now to move into a NEW Tier 4, from tomorrow (Sunday 20th December) morning, this does not affect Wealden as we are in and remain in Tier 2 but affects Rother and Hastings, parts of London, Surrey etc, this will be reviewed on 30th December

2. ACROSS THE WHOLE OF ENGLAND; The Christmas “bubble” arrangements where three house holds could meet between 23rd and 27th December are now ONLY on Friday 25th December with the following caveats

“People should not to travel into a tier four area, though support bubbles remain unaffected as do the exemptions for separated parents and their children.”

“For those in tiers one, two and three, rules allowing up to three households to meet will now be limited to Christmas Day only.”

“Christmas bubbles for those in tiers one to three will not be able include anyone in tier four.”

“In tier four, people should not mix with anyone outside their own household, apart from support bubbles.”

Further Information can be found on the Governments website