New recycling centre open in Wealden

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, held a meeting with the leader of the East Sussex County Council to discuss the reopening of Household Waste Recycling Centre in Forest Row.

After speaking to the Waste Recycling Action Group (WRAG), which has an overwhelming support in the community, Nus held a virtual meeting with the leader of the East Sussex County Council and WRAG representatives, to discuss the future of the Recycling Centre in Forest Row.

The Council closed the site in 2018 and as a result, fly-tipping has increased in the area. Nus is determined to help the community get the service reinstated and enhance the re-use and recycling capacity of the village.

The proposals suggest that the site could be a space to dispose of recyclable waste such as metal, small electrical goods or wood, but also a space to dispose of waste that is not currently segregated by Wealden District Council. Additionally, WRAG would like to set up a community shop, where disposed items could be repaired and sold for reuse. This would aid in educating the community about waste and environment, as well as create local jobs.

The Waste Recycling Action Group has until March 2021 to submit a plan to the County Council for consideration.

David O’Driscoll, the Parish Clerk and facilitator of the action group said: “I thank Nus for her interest and support for this community initiative. She has visited the site in the past, and we look forward to welcoming her again when the new project is up and running.”

Nus Ghani said: “I have previously campaigned against the closure of the recycling centre in Forest Row and I am keen to help local residents in their quest to reopen it. Looking after our environment is one of the most important matters in Wealden and the Forest Row Recycling Centre would be a great place for Wealden residents to dispose and repurpose their waste safely and considerately. I am grateful to the Leader of the East Sussex County Council for attending this meeting and I will be following progress of this case closely.”