Mayfield School Sixth Form pupils win prestigious Arkwright Scholarships

To achieve one Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is impressive, but Mayfield School is celebrating the double achievement of identical twins Valeria and Victoria, who have each been awarded one of the prestigious scholarships.

Arkwright scholarships are awarded to inspire potential future leaders in engineering. The girls had to go through a rigorous selection process involving submitting a detailed proposal for their project, aimed at detecting the presence of ionising particles.

Mayfield’s Head of Physics, Dr. Darragh Corvan, said: “We are delighted Valeria and Victoria have been recognised for their outstanding work. The Arkwright Engineering Programme is the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK. At Mayfield, we encourage all our students to pursue their passions and I look forward to watching the girls’ project progress. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next!”

As part of the scholarship the girls are being sponsored by Rolls Royce and the ERA Foundation. Support is offered in various different ways, through valuable hands-on work experience, support for their project and a personal mentor who can help them with their studies as well as career planning.

The girls’ interest in applying for a scholarship was sparked by attendance at the School’s STEM club.

Darragh went on to say, “We are actively encouraging the girls to explore the dynamic field of electronics and coding. In our STEM club, the girls get the opportunity to use Raspberry Pi microcomputers and Arduino microcontrollers to develop their projects. The practical applications of this technology range from mounting sensors onto a radio-controlled car, to designing baby clothes that can monitor the health of the infant that wears them.”

Valeria and Victoria said: “We are very excited to have been awarded Arkwright scholarships. We’re really looking forward to developing our project and can’t wait to begin working with our sponsors, Rolls Royce and the ERA Foundation.”

Antonia Beary, Headmistress at Mayfield, said: “Valeria and Victoria are continuing Mayfield’s tradition of combining academic and creative excellence. We are all delighted by their achievement, which I am sure will inspire younger girls.”