Local Christmas Trees to be wrapped using biodegradable netting

This year, with everything that has gone on, it’s no surprise that the people of Wealden are decorating early to bring some festive cheer, and one Christmas Tree Provider is doing something for the environment this season, Wilderness wood, Hadlow Down, will be using biodegradable Christmas tree netting on all trees sold.

The Wilderness Wood tree team are delighted to be using the new netting only recently available on the market. Concerns over non-biodegradable netting and its effects on the environment have prompted the move.

Wilderness Wood have been selling locally grown, fresh Christmas trees for over 30 years. This year they are operating a book in system and all the necessary Covid 19 measures in place to make choosing a tree as safe as possible.

The netting is made from renewable plant resources that requires less energy to manufacture than petroleum based plastic and is completely biodegradable.

“Its important, even in during this challenging year to look to the future, plastics entering our environment are a serious concern and it’s good to be doing something positive.” A. Coates, woodsman at Wilderness wood.