Crowborough child really getting into the community spirit

Crowborough resident Alex is 6 years old and after he noticed the increase in litter whilst walking to and from his school he decided to take things into his own hands.

He asked his parents if after school he could go litter picking. One afternoon Alex got home and went straight to get his litter picker and asked if his mother and him could head out.  As he held his litter picker, he said that he looked like a storm trooper litter picker.

His Mum said “It started with just the roads locally but he has asked to go out every evening since, after school. I even have to take his litter picker with me at school collection with a bin bag so he can collect rubbish on the walk home.”

Alex’s 7th birthday is coming up, and he realises that he can’t have the usual celebration, owing to COVID restrictions, so he has asked if he can still go litter picking and maybe his family could all go out with him.

He then thought, that if he could reach as many people as he could and ask them to all go out on December 21st and collect litter even if one piece then it would make a real difference.  He said that it would help keep the community tidy, it will be good for the environment and would help keep the local wild life safe from the dangers of litter.  In his words ‘it is a good deed done indeed’.

So if you are free on Monday 21st December, then to celebrate Alex’s Birthday go and pick litter, and if your in the Crowborough area then give him a wave!

Here are some pics of Alex on his pick! Well Done Alex!