Christmas has arrived at Holy Cross

It has been a busy week at Holy Cross CE Primary School. Their beautiful Christmas tree arrived, kindly donated to the school by Michael Grant of Christmas Trees at White House Farm, Uckfield. Michael used to be a pupil at Holy Cross Primary School and remembers his time at the school fondly, giving the school a magnificent Christmas tree each year.

Every year, Holy Cross pupils decorate Michael’s tree with their own decorations. This year the pupils have created baubles to hang on the tree with special messages to those people who may find themselves homeless this Christmas. The tree with its thoughtful messages will be part of Holy Cross Church’s annual Festival of Christmas Trees which this year will be enjoyed virtually on Saturday 5th December at 5.30pm.

Holy Cross was contacted by Brighton Housing Trust (BHT), which is a local charity working to combat homelessness across East and West Sussex, and the school were asked if they would like to take part in this awareness raising event. Over the last five decades BHT has helped thousands of people with complex needs to secure safe accommodation, overcome barriers to work and learning, and address issues such as addiction, poverty and mental health.

Holy Cross decided to sign up to their homelessness awareness and fundraising campaign this Christmas, with the aim of getting the children to think about what it means to be homeless, and to hopefully raise some money to help the vulnerable people who need it, especially at this time of year.

All the children joined in class discussions and decorated printed baubles with messages of support for those in need. The Baubles were then hung on the school Christmas tree for the Uckfield Virtual Festival of Christmas Trees. The School are very proud to show off their tree and decorations this year. During the filming of our tree for the Virtual Tree Festival, Year 5 and 6 children sung beautifully to accompany the video.

The School will very soon be sending their special baubles to BHT, so that they can use them to decorate their own trees, and those in need will be able to read the lovely messages from the children.

The money raised from the schools annual Christmas Jumper Day this year will also be donated to BHT to help with all that they do.