Chailey Repair Cafe get set for 2021

It seems a long time since the team last ran their face to face Repair Cafe in February 2020, but since then there has been some really remarkable work done by the talented volunteers.

They have now taken on nearly 250 “drop off” repairs and received some generous donations, which have  been used to provide storage in the rebuilt interior of St Peter’s Church, Chailey, where they will have our new base in 2021.

There has been a short delay in the completion of the work in the Church but it’s hoped to reopen there in February and the café will be confirming that and publishing our dates as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the now legendary “drop off” service continues and they are pleased to announce that they have restarted the sharpening service!

The way it works is that the team put your repair (or sharpening) enquiry out to the volunteers and anyone who is prepared to take it on agrees to do so.

They then make contact with you and give you their address. You drop it on their doorstop and they tell you when it’s fixed. You then collect it, paying for any parts required, and the organisation invite you to make a donation toward the Cafe… That’s all there is to it!!

Contact the team at with details of what needs sharpening/repairing.

If it’s a repair, let them know the make and model number of the item, preferably with a good quality photo or two, and the team will see what they can do.

Repairs are limited to one repair per customer as there is a high demand at the moment.

Bryan McAlley and the Chailey Repair Café team