BexPhoto & The Twins in July

Bex Maini in rainbow dress with yellow background

Well, we’ve managed to get out and about a lot more this month since lockdown started to ease. We’re still being careful and of course, wearing our masks, but it’s SO nice to be able to get out and do more including seeing friends, especially in the summer holidays! I’ve got some great recommendations for things do do with the kids this summer below as well as my recipe for cherry crumble, made with freshly picked cherries from Oast Farm, yum!

The Joy of a Cardboard Box

Sometimes all you need to keep the kids entertained is a massive cardboard box! Our has been a castle, a den, a kitchen, a boat and a place to nap or watch a film. Hours of fun!

Fit Testing at work

We’ve now been fit-tested for a special mask to protect us from aerosols generated from drilling in mouths so we’re now able to do more to help patients at work within the current guidelines.

Cherry Picking at Oast Farm, Buxted

I’d definitely recommend PYO cherries at Oast Farm, the twins and I spent a lovely morning in the orchard with an abundance of cherries, plenty of which were within easy reach of my 5-year-olds. They are absolutely delicious! We loaded a basket (an old one I used at our wedding), costing around £8 in total. (We went back again with Daddy for some more and got some plums too. The cherries are finished now but they still have plums and will soon have PYO apples, I’ve already found lots of cherry recipes to try next year too, including the one below.)

Cherry Crumble Recipe

Using the cherries we picked at Oast farm, I made cherry crumble using my old recipe for the topping and the filling I made up inspired by multiple recipes found online. I’ve since adjusted it as it was a bit strong tasting so I’ve shared the adjusted version on my blog.

Nature Walks

We’ve really enjoyed our walks to Oast Farm, whether for cherry picking or just to grab some supplies from their shop. I introduced the kids to sticky willows this year, which we find on the way and Priya now has this cheeky face every time she manages to stick some to anyone! It’s hilarious!

Insect Safari

We’ve been having lots of fun hunting down bugs in our garden lately! The kids have been learning about them so have been fascinated to see so many species in our own back garden and down the lane to Oast Farm. We’ve had LOADS of grasshoppers in our garden (and house!) this year as well as the usual woodlice, etc. we find under pots. You can see all the other insects we’ve found over on my blog but here’s one of our visiting honey bees enjoying our alliums:

A visit with the grandparents

We popped up to London a couple of weeks ago for a BBQ in my in-laws’ lovely garden. The twins loved getting to see them again (after a similar BBQ visit in our garden albeit in the rain!) and we had a lovely time playing and eating al fresco in the sun this time 🙂

Picnic Fun – Indoors & Out!

A sure-fire way to get my kids to eat their lunch is to declare a picnic! Whether it’s raining and we set it up inside or we head out on bikes to find a spot in the local woods, they LOVE a picnic!

Sunday Roast at THE PUB!

We’ve been for our first Sunday Roast back at the pub since they re-opened! We headed to the gorgeous garden of The Hurstwood to meet up with Nik’s parents and enjoyed a lovely two course meal while soaking up the atmosphere. It’s so well organised with social distancing, lots of tables spread out and so many beautiful touches like flowers and lights, even blankets when it got a bit chilly. We were well sheltered from the drizzle (typical!), under a huge umbrella and had a super cosy heater in our corner too.

School’s Out for Summer!

School is officially over for the year. Fingers crossed things might be more normal when they return in September and we don’t end up back in lockdown again! I’ve been very impressed with how the twins have handled their strange first year in school with so many changes. If you’re looking for things to do with the kids, check out my summer holiday activity round-up for rainy days! I’ll be updating it as we find new things to do when the weather’s not so good 😉

Highgate Coffee Shop & PYO Flowers – the new home of Wilderness Cafe

I was really shocked to learn that Wilderness Cafe was having to leave their cosy barn at Wilderness Wood but they’ve already managed to find new premises at Highgate Florist in Rotherfield which introduced me to the idea of PYO flowers!

We went along with some friends to see the lovely ladies in their new coffee shop home and explore the colourful field of flowers! Both sets of twins LOVED it and despite the tricky bright sun, I managed to get a few decent photos of them all cutting. (Don’t forget to take your own scissors!) See more on the blog and how our bouquets turned out in the end!

Of course the epic cakes and friendly faces we know and love from Wilderness Cafe were just the same at Highgate too, they still have indoor & outdoor seating and have the usual rules in place regarding social distancing, etc. so do check out their Facebook page for updates!

“Play” Dates

As well as starting to visit some local places, we’ve also arranged a few play dates recently. One of which ended up including an actual play! They rehearsed and everything 🙂

Colour Chase Challenge – RAINBOW!

Rainbow month is always an easy one for me! Here’s my selection for July’s rainbow coloured images:

366 Project

I’m still going strong on my 366 project taking a photo (or more) a day! I’m past half way now and so glad I’ve kept it up. Here’s July:

Next Month:

August will see me trying to fill our days with all kinds of fun, as much socialising as we can safely manage and exploring places as things open up more while trying to avoid any crowds! (We might try a super early or late evening beach trip one day when they’re hopefully not busy!)