Bex & The Twins in October

What a fun month!  I absolutely love Halloween so it was a no-brainer to make a bigger deal out of it this year when we’ve had so little to celebrate.  We went all out with the activities leading up to and then on the day.  We’ve also been enjoying the gorgeous Autumn colours, especially at Sheffield Park, famous for its beautiful autumnal scenery…


Halloween Face-paints with My Beloved Makeup



A Spooky Walk in the Woods


This is Reportage: Family Awards


Not only did I win 3 awards in the TiR:Family Awards but one of them went on to be featured on Bored Panda AND Vanity Fair Italia!  I love that they’re spreading the word about the art of family documentary photography.


Coffee & Pumpkins – food photography with my new backdrops



Tulleys Farm again



Sheffield Park







This year we had fun at home with a scavenger hunt taking place of trick-or-treating.  I hid pumpkin chocolates around the house and gave the twins clues to find them – excitement levels were off the scale!!  We had a couple round for lunch as the in-laws decided not to come after they’d gone into tier 2 in London, we were all treated to a shadow puppet show and enjoyed some Halloween punch.  We rented the new Witches film in the afternoon and had spooky snake soup (with hidden black spaghetti) for tea.


A Branding Revamp

With so many businesses having to go online to stay viable, it’s never been more important to ensure you have a great visual identity across your brand!  I’ve written a blog post to help you decide which kind of business photography you might need to take your business to the next level and stay visible to your customers during these weird times!


Bex Maini Headshot Brand Photographer Sussex


You can find out more about my packages by downloading my branding brochure here.


Next month: 

It’s the twins’ birthday next week so I’m currently planning some lockdown fun for that and I’ll be telling you all about our advent plans for December, craft ideas during lockdown v2.0 and sharing my colourful gift guides and tree decorating tips – be sure to follow my blog and Instagram to see these updates in “real time” as I post them.

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