Bex Maini & The Twins in Quarantine – April Edition

We’re well and truly into this lock-down now but we’re still managing to keep busy (and sane), for the most part! Baking, fun in the garden, reading and some beautiful walks in nature are certainly helping as well as a couple of crafts too and maybe the odd nap, read on for more info on our time in Quarantine in April.

Sunshine & Bluebells

We discovered a beautiful walk across the road from our house, I can’t believe it’s taken me 5 years to venture this way! We found bluebells and a beautiful woodland walk and the light was just perfect. The kids had fun climbing trees and exploring the paths and I enjoyed photographing the adventure!

The days are a blur

It is a bit of a struggle to remember what day it is, even though I’m still working two days/week at the moment, some days to blur into others as we’re home most of the time. As part of my 52 week project with For the Love of the Photograph, one of our challenges was to eliminate something for a day to experiment and I ended up being inspired on our bluebell walk to try eliminating focus so the photo was all about the pretty light and colours I was experiencing.

Circle of Fire photography technique

Quarantine seems to be an ideal time to learn new skills. (I have to admit I am getting rather fed up with hearing about all the things I could and should be doing during this time as I’m still rather busy with work and the twins, BUT I do find the odd project is helping to keep me sane and mix up the mundane day after day!)

This is one I’ve had a go at before but it was the theme for this month’s portrait blog loop which I’m doing along with three other photographers around the UK. It’s trickier than it first seemed to get that perfect ring of light using a piece of copper pipe but when it works it’s a pretty cool effect! I included some “fails” in my blog post.

Baking Banana Bread – a family film

Apparently a lot of people have made banana bread since the lock-down started. I wonder if everyone panic bought too many bananas and they went brown like ours? (My kids just did that usual thing of loving something then deciding it was disgusting the next day hence our brown banana collection!) I’ve shared the recipe we used in my blog post and you can watch our fun family video of the baking process below…

Easter Weekend

The weather for Easter weekend was so beautiful! We spent almost all of our time in the garden with the obligatory Egg Hunt kicking things off on Sunday of course!

Bex’s Books – 10 books I’ve rated recently

I love reading but the urge definitely comes in waves. Sometimes I’m too busy with other things or find it difficult to concentrate, other times I find I need the escape and just want to read in any spare moments I can find – especially if I’m in the middle of a good page-turner! I’ve read a few good books lately so listed some favourites from the last few months on my bexphoto blog, if you like reading too you might like some of my recommendations 🙂

Covid-Fest 2020 for Nik’s birthday

For Nik’s birthday during quarantine I managed to put up our 8 man tent while he was at work to surprise him with a birthday festival in our garden. This basically consisted of our tent, some bunting and our festival flag, music from the kitchen window and a BBQ.


I am so lucky to live right next to a beautiful orchard and our lovely neighbours allowed me to have a wander with my camera at dawn this weekend! It was magical as the sun came up and lit the mist and then the blossom on all the apple trees. It was so peaceful, I hope the photos put a smile on your face if you’re unable to get out and see the blossom this spring! I have shared no less than 30 colourful photos of blossom on my blog along with some pretty ponies as the sun rose behind them.

Rainbow wall hanging tutorial

If anyone fancies a fun & colourful yet easy craft project to tackle during lock-down, why not make a hand-wrapped rainbow? I adore mine! I’ve detailed exactly how you can make one and you can use any colours you like if you’re not into bright rainbows like me 😉

My 365 project becomes a Quarantine Diary

I have been managing to keep my 365 photo a day project going, in fact it’s easier now than ever as I’m home with the kids most days and they are my main muses. It has of course turned into a bit of a story of our time at home during this lock-down but wasn’t telling the whole story with just one photo per day. Some days I take loads as we do lots of activities, other days we have a slower pace or I am less inspired so it does vary but I decided to choose all my favourites to really tell the tale of this weird time for us to look back on as it is rather historic. I think I will definitely need to make a couple of photo books for the kids to have when they’re older.

Supporting our local foodie businesses

We were missing some of our favourite local haunts but thankfully there is a way we can still enjoy their delicious food as well as helping to support them so they’re still there after this is all over! We ordered from The Hurstwood’s special Lockdown Menu last week, I highly recommend the pork & kimchi!

We also took a walk down to Oast Farm shop to stock up on some flour and eggs to make Nik’s birthday brownies plus some other treats for his birthday (they stock some seriously good chocolate and macarons)! It was not only a lovely walk down there in the sun but also nice to see our friendly Oast Farm friends from a distance, even though we can’t enjoy the cafe right now.

Making mini-films

I am having so much fun learning to make films!  I made this one for the purposes of relaxtion and mindfulness, it’s just a minute and a half of some beautiful nature in my garden and our lane set to some beautiful music, I hope it helps you relax too, I keep watching it whenever I feel stressed!


Our everyday heroes

We are all aware of our NHS heroes, especially those working on the front line, putting themselves at risk in order to care for those suffering from Covid-19. Our twins are loving the Thursday evening Clap for Carers which even where we live in a semi-rural village is rousing and can be heard clearly. We love to hang out of the window and join in, I think our neighbours are particularly enthusiastic knowing that Nik is indeed one of the NHS carers.

We’ve been celebrating our other essential key workers lately too as it was National Postal Worker Day last week so the twins coloured in special posters which we stuck on the door to thank our postman and he loved them!

I also took the time to chat with a lovely Tesco worker (from the appropriate distance while checking out) about how she’s finding working at the moment and for the most part people have adapted well but there have been those few with a bit of a poor attitude and lack of respect for the new systems put in place for everyone’s protection, I just wish people could be kind, everyone’s just doing their best. I’m so grateful for all of the services we’re lucky to still have. Check out my blog for a few more local heroes.

Crazy Weather

Our weather on the 1st May was rather interesting, I was running in and out all day capturing some epic skies as we seemingly had several different seasons! I’ve created this video showing how it changed throughout the day…

Baking in a time of crisis – gingerbread

Other than banana bread, which seems to be the lock-down bake of choice, we’ve been enjoying some other baking too with Nik’s birthday brownies (he’s a huge chocolate fan) and now gingerbread as part of the twins’ home learning this week revolving around The Gingerbread Man story. They made quite the mess but I didn’t mind since I got some awesome photos of the memory which I love! I’ve shared the recipe on the blog with a few more photos if you fancy making these yourself, it doesn’t have to be this messy!! 😉

Next Month:

Who knows?? We’re taking things day by day and hoping to stay safe.