Bex Maini & The Twins in November

It’s been a long month of lockdown for some but we’ve been busy as ever in November with the twins turning 6, preparations for advent and some lovely takeaways from local businesses again.  I’ve also managed to use my time at home (since the schools stayed open) to get some editing done and write a couple of colourful gift guides (with more on the way)!  Here’s what we’ve been up to this last month…


The twins’ epic bed swap birthday surprise

The twins turned 6 and as a big surprise, we bought them “grown up” single beds to replace their toddler beds they were quickly growing out of!  Of course I don’t do things by halves and love a big surprise so we put them to bed in our bed and did the big swap and build while they slept, then transferred them at midnight so they’d wake up in their brand new beds with new nightlights and covers!

It worked and they were amazed and delighted to discover everything in the morning!  😀

You can see the whole series of photos over on my blog of before, during and after!


The Twins’ Birthday Weekend

As their birthday fell on a weekday this year they were at school so we celebrated properly at the weekend with a piñata, waffles and bacon for breakfast, opening presents, a special afternoon tea delivered by Connie & Cooper local caterers followed by their very first time watching Harry Potter (which I wrapped up for them from my old DVD collection)!


Autumn Family Sessions might be my favourite!

I had some truly lovely family sessions in Autumn this year which were so much fun and have just the most beautiful rich colours from all the turning/fallen leaves!  You can see more of the fun over on my blog and I suggest you book early if you fancy photos like these next year, I’m getting busier and busier in autumn each year (which is tricky to work around the twins’ birthday too as I’m always in planning mode for that for most of October)!  😉

You can book a free consultation call to discuss your ideas on my website here or download my pricing guide here if you’re not ready to chat yet.


Colourful Gift Guides

I’ve already written two of these – Part 1 – Jewellery & Accessories and Part 2 – Art & Photography  but there are more on the way, including clothing and homewares, so keep an eye out on the blog if you still have shopping to do for all the colour lovers in your life!


TDL Magazine – Edition 2 – Celebrate

Our next edition of TDL magazine has been printed and is winging its way around the world to  different countries!  I’m so proud of this edition – bringing some much needed joy to the end of 2020, it’s jam-packed with 76 pages of beautiful, inspirational images and tips for photographing Christmas, families, shadows and Halloween as well as some top tips about switching to the newest kind of digital camera – mirrorless and loads more!  If you’re a photographer or even if you’re not, it would make a lovely Christmas gift for yourself and your photo loving friends!


The Maini ADVENTures 2020

Even though our advent plans will be slightly different this year, I’m still really excited about our ADVENTures with the twins this December.  If you don’t already know, every year I plan a list of festive activities for their advent calendar – ranging from simple things like watching the new Christmas Chronicles film to ice-skating at Calverley Grounds (if we can).  I also pop occasional little treats inside like Christmas hair slides (I bought some from local seller this year) and Santa chocolates.  On the big day, they get a big chocolate like a Malteser Reindeer.  They are SO excited every year, you can see the full list of our plans and some more photos from previous years over on my blog.


Product Photos for shoes

I love it when I can combine my branding work with our everyday twin adventures!  I get photos I love of my kids while I’m working!

I am particularly jealous of these boots Priya gets to keep!  I wish they made them in grown-up sizes for my big feet!!

You can download my branding brochure here if you need photos to help your business shine!


Our Rainbow Christmas Tree in 2020

Our 3rd year running of decorating a more colourful tree with our rainbow colour scheme!  I just love it so much!!  Our newest ornament addition is this yellow digger to remind us of our day trip to Diggerland this summer.  Check out the blog to see the full tree including a time-lapse of the whole decorating process!


How to create your own Rainbow Ombre Christmas Tree

I’ve created a guide with links to various decorations to create a similar themed tree to our rainbow layered effects over the last 3 years.  If you want a more colourful tree this year, take a look and see how I style mine 😉


Judging the This Is Reportage: Family Awards

I’ve just finished judging the latest round of TiR:F awards and it was tough but a great experience!  It’s similar to curating the images for This Detailed Life but looking for slightly different things to make an image award worthy in my eyes.


Next month:

In December we will be making the most of any safe and fun Christmas activities we can.  Hopefully we’ll manage our usual ice-skating trip if it’s open and this year we’ll be settling in to watch Uckfield’s Christmas Tree Festival at home tomorrow night thanks to Off the Wall Entertainment filming it for everyone since it can’t run normally.

We’ll be having a quiet Christmas at home, just the four of us, so I’m planning some beautiful table décor and yummy food to make it special.  We’re all pretty excited!


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