Window display planned for V.E. Day by Fuller and Scott

Captain Tom and his incredible fundraising feats have reminded the nation of the selfless acts of valiance and courage displayed during the World Wars.

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The 8th May marks VE Day, the 75th anniversary of the official end of the Second World War; a time to remember the sacrifices made and to celebrate the challenges overcome. Every village and town had its own local heroes and we would like to shine a light on our local heroes, by dedicating a window display to their memory at Fuller & Scott in Uckfield.

Fuller and Scott, part of CPJ Fields are calling upon the local community to get involved and appeal to those who would be willing to share copies of photos of family members in their service uniform and perhaps one of them today for those fortunate enough to still have these family members present.

They would be delighted to have a brief note to accompany any photos; this could include details about the individuals, name, age in photo, their involvement in the war efforts, details of regiment or rank, or how they celebrated VE Day and how they went on to spend their lives for example.

All photos and memoirs can be sent via email to , or we are happy to receive paper copies through the letter box for passers-by on their daily walk, clearly marked VE Day (The Wakelyns, Civic Approach, Uckfield, TN22 1AJ).

They will happily return any photos requested once the display is finished, so please do leave details where relevant.

In addition, crafty local children and adults too are invited, to create a bunting string which we can hang in the window. Simple instructions are below .

It’s simply a case of decorating a template, adding in a photo of your own hero and either emailing to the same address, or again popping through the postbox.

To allow our team to get creative with the window display, could we ask for all contributions by 7th May

How to make bunting for VE Day – click here

Funeral Director Emma Naylor will be the guest of Tony Williams at 1130am Monday 4th May.