Southern – Viruside for trains

Electrostatic wands and special backpacks are delivering a viruscide that kills Coronavirus for up to 30 days.

The viruscide is being used at Southern and Thameslink stations and in staff areas, by an additional 100 cleaning staff. The entire train fleet of 2,700 carriages has also been treated. The powerful new viruscide sticks to surfaces, killing the Coronavirus for up to 30 days and is being applied in a 21-day cycle. A specially-developed app also tells staff at-a-glance when each train carriage was last cleaned with the long-lasting viruscide.

While the current advice remains to only use public transport if you absolutely have to, the product provides another layer of protection for passengers who do need to travel such as key workers and staff.

To help support everyone’s focus on keeping their hands clean, Govia Thameslink Railway has also ordered 1,000 no-touch hand sanitisers for staff and passengers which are being distributed to stations.