BexPhoto & The Twins in August

Bex Maini in rainbow dress with yellow background

The twins go back to school on Monday but they’ve definitely had a fun summer despite Coronavirus I’m so glad we’ve been able to enjoy day trips locally and meet up with some friends. We even enjoyed our outing for the twins’ delayed vision screening which didn’t happen at school this year and instead was an outdoor affair in the sunshine.



Keep reading to find out more about our family adventures and reviews this summer.  If you’re looking for more ideas on what to do and where to go with your kids, you can sign up to follow along with our adventures and find out more on Bexphoto.

Listen to the interview on catch up here:



Well it certainly was a hot summer in parts!  We invested in a couple of new fans (this one was brought out to the garden at my in-laws’ where we had a lovely BBQ…

I’ve written about how we coped with the heat in other ways too over on the blog.  How did you manage the high temperatures?  I’d love some more tips for next summer!


London BBQ

As mentioned above, we drove up to London to see the twin’s grandparents for a BBQ in their garden.  It was one of the very hot weekends so the sprinkler was brought out which the twins loved playing with to cool off!  The food is always amazing when Ma & Dadaji cook, we had such a lovely time.


Play date fun

We’ve been so lucky to have some awesome friends in our self appointed bubble.  One play date with fellow boy/girl twins of the same age was jam-packed with fun – we decorated gingerbread men, painted rocks, fed the chickens, swam in their paddling pool, played with rockets and remote control cars…  It was a great day!

You can see almost all of these activities over on the Bexphoto blog (I was busy painting my own rock so didn’t get any photos of the art, lol).


Screen Time

I recently started a new photo project documenting our screen time.  Often a saviour (especially during lockdown when trying to work from home with no childcare), we do try to limit screen time but also embrace it at times!  As you know, I pretty much document everything in our loves with my photos so this shouldn’t be left out and actually shows all of the ways we use screens – not just for watching cartoons but also learning, keeping fit, keeping in touch with family and even skydiving…  (Scroll down for the skydiving story!)

You can see all of my screen time photos so far here.


Havet in Tunbridge Wells

We’ve been making the most of the Eat out to Help out scheme (when we can – it’s certainly been popular making it tricky to get a table in some places!)  One place we managed to get a table (with air conditioning!!) during the heatwave was Havet – a Turkish restaurant in Tunbridge Wells.  We loved it!  Kalyan actually declared it the “best restaurant EVER!”

You can read more about what we ordered and what we thought of it all here.


Seaford Beach

I’d never been to Seaford beach but I met Nik and the kids there after a particularly hot and sweaty day in plastic PPE at work during the heatwave!!  It was just what I needed, a paddle in the sea and some fun with the kids!


We enjoyed it so much we went back again early the next morning (the first cooler day, so it was very quiet!) and took a picnic, I had a lovely swim in the sea and when the rain started at midday, we ran back to the car and drove to Eastbourne for some ice-cream at Fusciardi’s!



Scotney Castle

Scotney had some specific social distancing rules in place with a one-way system which meant we didn’t spend as long here as we normally would (the park was also closed).  We still had a lovely time though and with the changeable weather on this day we got some lovely sunshine on the castle and weren’t too hot which was nice!


Lunch at Bill’s, Lewes

I’m not going to talk about this too much as I just think they couldn’t cope with how many people they allowed to book.  They had an amazing set menu deal for the Eat Out scheme so we booked for lunch.  They had some screens up and a few tables not in use but it was really busy.  We waited an hour for our main courses making two of our group late back to work.

The staff were friendly, checking our temperatures as we entered and efficient in taking our order.  The starters were all amazing (soup, halloumi and dumplings) and I discovered Kombucha (fermented tea sold as a non-alcoholic alternative to Prosecco – it was really nice), but we were disappointed with everything else.  Three of the mains were overcooked/burnt/dry but by then we just had to eat and run.  Not the best experience, I did feel for the kitchen as it looked pretty stressful.  It’s a shame they didn’t limit seating more, they’ve extended the scheme offer into September but we won’t be going back.

Kalyan had a good time though – I was pleasantly surprised with how the twins coped with being hungry for so long (they didn’t have starters and their food was brought last).  A few whinges but they were really good!



Diggerland was AWESOME!  This was a special day out during Nik’s annual leave.  We enjoyed a “staycation” as we couldn’t risk a 2 week quarantine both working for the NHS.  We thought Kalyan would be the one to enjoy it most but the rest of us were close behind in our excitement!  It’s over in Rochester so just over an hour drive from Uckfield and well worth it, we spent all day there!  If you don’t know about it, kids can basically drive and control real diggers!  They need to be over 110cm for most (or can ride with a parent) but a couple had 140cm height requirements (to reach the pedals I think).  The twins wanted us to join them for most rides anyway but they did do some alone and certainly took over controls even when we were next to/under them.

At the moment they are restricting numbers so it’s not too crowded which means shorter queues.  This doesn’t mean they don’t still take a while though as they have to clean and wipe everything in between so you will still have to wait a bit.  The park isn’t massive but is well organised and there are plenty of friendly staff.  The rides are all brilliant, Priya can’t even decide on a favourite but has mentioned going up to touch the sky a few times (one digger lifts you 50 feet in the air)!  Kalyan’s favourite was the digger below, he loved digging deep holes and dumping the soil in a pile to the side.

It cost £20 per person (kids under 90cm are free as they can’t go on a lot of the rides).


Virtual Skydiving

This was so much fun!  We’ve been skydiving, scuba-diving, driving and on a beach all from the comfort and safety of our living room!  Nik bought this VR headset for a course at work but we’ve been “testing” it!  😉

It’s SO funny watching the kids – I’ve posted a video of Kalyan skydiving over on my blog with a few more photos.


This Detailed Life Magazine – Edition Two – CELEBRATE!

There’s been a lot going on at TDL HQ with our next magazine due out in December!  We’re getting organised now as it’s such a busy time of year for photographers and we all run our own businesses too, it’s all go at the moment with the preparation.  We just ran our cover contest and have the most amazing cover for the Celebrate edition by Nikia Paden from Texas, USA!

We want this issue to be a beacon of light, love and hope after a pretty horrible year so we’re celebrating all things, little and big and hopefully spreading some cheer.  If you’re a photographer and interested in submitting your work, you can find out more here: and if you fancy owning a copy (both photographers and non-photographers loved our first edition!) you can pre-order here.




We’ve also been out for more meals and discovered some awesome new parks in Lewes too but I just haven’t had time to edit those photos or write about them so if you want to find out more about our reviews and recommendations – please do sign up for updates at Bexphoto.

We’ve been to The Hurstwood, Ask Italian, made ice-cream at home, picked brambles, done some crafts… If you’re looking for more ideas on what to do and where to go with your kids, all of these things will eventually make it onto my blog, lol.



Next month:

We should be on a much more even keel, with the kids back at school I will actually be able to reopen my Bexphoto business and keep up with my own photos too!  I’ve kept posting on social media with our personal photos just so that doesn’t die but everything else has been on pause.  I’m looking forward to having some head space again to organise everything behind the scenes and start shooting for clients again soon!