The Winners! Simplicity Beauty Salon giveaway to NHS and Key Workers

Becky Blackford the owner of Simplicity Beauty Salon and colleagues Chloe Baldock, Natalie Scott & Rachel Bull have announced a free giveaway of 40 treatments & gift vouchers for NHS & key workers.

Listen to Becky talking to Jacqui Rushton on her Friday 1st May show:

Thank you to everyone who nominated! We are very happy to now announce our winners…..

🌈Paramedic & Mum Lucy Curtis
🌈Practice Nurse Katie Aldred
🌈Carer Loz Scott
🌈Carer Ellie Hemsley
🌈Midwife Nicolette Mc Carthy
🌈Carer Jodie Brett
🌈Carer for disabled children Danielle Smith
🌈Prison Officer Chrissy Rose
🌈Nurse Tracey Dean
🌈Tesco Employee Lauren Longhurst
🌈Nurse Samantha Staveley
🌈ITU Nurse Lynne Muddle
🌈Carer Maisie Morey
🌈Care agency manager Nicola JC
🌈Carer & Mum Lisa Schlieder
🌈Helen Watts
🌈Community Nurse Katie Tucknott
🌈Carer Suz Clark
🌈Uckfield Hospital Nurse Michelle Leary
🌈Carer Sharon Tester-Smith
🌈Pharmacist Louise Ridley
🌈Midwife Yvette Eggleton
🌈Carer Tracey Jayne Moynes
🌈Hospital Accounts Laura Hayes
🌈Carer Olivia Greenwood
🌈Carer Stacey Clair
🌈Midwife Ruth Stace
🌈Paramedic Kimberly Alexander
🌈Brighton Nurse Sadie Richardson
🌈Speech Language therapist Charlotte Smith
🌈Tesco Employee Trudie West
🌈Hospital employee Shannon Williamson
🌈A&E Nurse Beth Fleming
🌈ODP Nurse Georgina Lafbery
🌈Support Worker Sally Bland
🌈ITU Nurse Rosie Boorsma
🌈Morrison’s Employee Lucy Saunders
🌈Special Needs Carer Naomi Dean
🌈Carer Kate Dean
🌈NHS IQ Coordinator Fran Hughs


This was announced last Monday 20th April and the winner will be announced Monday 4th May.

People have been asked to nominate a worthy person, what job they do and what treatment they would like.

Becky said ‘It’s our way of saying thank you!’


🌈7 x £10 gift vouchers towards lash extensions
🌈10x £10 vouchers,
🌈3x Back neck & shoulder massage
🌈2x Relaxing facial
🌈2x Pedicure
🌈2x Gel Pedicure
🌈2x Gel Manicure
🌈2x LVL lash treatment
🌈5x £50 microblading vouchers
🌈3x £20 make up lesson vouchers
🌈2x Wax treatments of choice

Tag someone you know who deserves a treat to enjoy when this is all over….
💙Tag the person or name them (if not on FB)
💙What job they do
💙What treatment you think they’d enjoy

Facebook – @simplicitybeautysalon

*Winners will be announced Monday 4th May*

Becky will be the  guest of Uckfield FM at 10:30 on Friday the 1st May talking to Tony Williams


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