Bex Maini & The Twins in June

Bex Maini in rainbow dress with yellow background

It’s been a pretty busy month for me since I came up with the idea of creating and publishing my own photography magazine here in Uckfield! I’m so happy with how it turned out, it’s been a roaring success and sold out! Even the twins loved looking through the copies bought by their grandparents πŸ™‚ I just wanted a photo of them but they wanted to keep flicking and pointing out all their favourite photos inside.

Bex was interviewed on Uckfield FM today by Jacqui Rushton and the interview can be heard here:

We’ve also been carrying on with staying home as much as possible to stay safe, school was great for 2 weeks but then suddenly reduced to just 2 days instead of 5 which unsettled all of us for a while but we enjoyed the little heatwave last week in our garden and have been doing plenty of baking. Read on to find out more about our recent adventures…

Key Lime Pie Recipe

The twins and I made a super easy and absolutely delicious key lime pie a couple of weeks ago – give it a go, it’s really quick and so worth it!!

This Detailed Life photography magazine, designed and printed in Uckfield

So yes, I designed, edited and published a brand new photography magazine! Printed right here in Uckfield with readers all over the world, I’m so proud of what my team and I created in just 6 weeks!

The theme for our first issue is Quarantine so it’s an amazing keepsake of these times with stories of experiences all over the world (18 countries are represented by our 114 featured photographers)! You can find out more about what’s inside here:

The feedback has been fantastic, we SOLD OUT within hours of the pre-ordered magazines landing on doormats, everyone was sharing on social media! We had so much demand, we’ve opened orders again for a second print run, it’s amazing!

Father’s Day Afternoon Tea

With a rainy start to Father’s day we enjoyed a bacon butty and a film on Disney+ all snuggled on the sofa. The kids and I then made a cake and cupcakes and I set up for afternoon tea. It was such a lovely day together at home.

A new friend

We rescued this wee dude from a spider web. He hung around for a little photo shoot for a while and looked amazing with our hydrangeas!

Exploring Grange Gardens with Gabriella

I only recently discovered Grange Gardens while on walks from work at lunchtime. My friend Gabby and I made another trip back last week to take a few photos while on a break from work.

Hottest Day of the Year

As Priya expressed, it felt like “the hottest day of my LIFE!” Of course this called for the paddling pool, slip & slide and cycling in swimming gear! Far too hot for clothes, lol.

More Baking fun

Definitely a favourite quarantine pastime. This time we baked a chocolate brownie cake, another hit with these two of course πŸ˜‰

The Lockdown Haircut

It was time, we’d been putting it off but with not long to go until the barbers can open, it was annoying him too much so we got the clippers out and so ensued a roller coaster of haircut emotions. Check out the blog for the full gamut of facial expressions!

Colourful Self Portraits

I needed a new photo for my Editor’s page in This Detailed Life magazine so I set up my tripod, donned my new rainbow dress and set up my bright yellow bed sheet (bought just for this purpose, a Β£12 bargain)! The kids soon joined in – see the blog for more πŸ˜‰

More everyday moments in Lockdown for my 366 project.

I’m still managing to keep up with my 365 project, just about. Some days I haven’t managed to shoot as I was glued to my laptop for a while, while editing the magazine, but I’ve managed to fill the gaps by shooting plenty on other days having fun with the kids mostly. Here are May and June since I caught up…

Voice Collection

You may remember last year I was thrilled to be a finalist in the Voice collection – the exhibition was in March, just before lockdown in Atlanta and all the finalists were printed in Click magazine too. I’ve just entered the following images into this year’s contest so wish me luck! I think we find out in October.

Next month:

Again, who knows – school will be shut for the summer soon, we’ve managed to work things so I can still work one day a week as the holiday club the twins usually go to isn’t running, better than nothing, at least I don’t have to quit my job completely. We’ll be trying to think up plenty of fun summer activities to keep us busy while hanging around at home, trying to stay safe.