Wealden continues to ‘grow their own’

It’s National Apprenticeship Week (4 – 8 March) and Wealden District Council are pleased to announce their new cohort of apprentices for 2019 – the fourth annual scheme to take place in partnership with the East Sussex College Group (formerly Sussex Downs College) since 2014.

This year, Wealden has also created a number of internal apprenticeship opportunities enabling existing staff to broaden their professional and personal development.

Councillor Nicholas Collinson, Cabinet member for Community Leadership and Human Resources said: “Wealden is becoming well known for providing a first-class apprenticeship to people of all ages, and in varying professions. I am delighted to welcome our new cohort for 2019, and have no doubt that they will be as successful as those apprentices in previous years.

Since joining in January this year, our apprentices have told us what a great place Wealden is to work. For many of them it’s their first experience of full-time employment, and already they feel confident and valued. We too have seen the value in the apprenticeship scheme, as year on year it continues to produce us with some exceptional people and skills.”

The Wealden external apprenticeship scheme is a 13 month programme which runs in collaboration with the East Sussex College Group. The apprentices carry out a diverse number of roles which highlights the variety of work undertaken by the Council. Their Level 2 qualification will give them excellent experience and transferable skills forming a launch-pad for the rest of their careers.

Wealden has taken on seven external apprentices for 2019: Arek Wiederstein, Chloe Godfrey, Laurence Crane, Marigold Lawson and Patrick Smith, who are all studying for apprenticeships in Business Administration. They are working in Wealden’s Waste Management, Revenues & Benefits, Housing, Audit & Investigation, and Recovery & Enforcement teams. Sam Holmes and Oliver Champion-Sandberg are both working toward a Professional Apprenticeship in ICT, Software, Web & Telecoms. As well as working in their home teams, they will also be given the opportunity to gain experience in several parts of the organisation and work together on joint projects.

If you think your business has a lot to offer and might benefit from running an apprenticeship scheme, it’s easier to set up than you think. The Government’s recent ‘FIRE IT UP’ campaign website can show you the benefits an apprentice can bring to your organisation and gives step-by-step advice: https://www.apprenticeships.gov.uk/ More information for local businesses can also be found on the Wealden website: http://www.wealden.gov.uk/Wealden/Business/Business_Support_and_Advice/CAR_Apprenticeships.aspx