River Uck flood alert issued

The Environment Agency have issued a flood alert for the River Uck.

The river is forecast to rise on Thursday morning (14 November) due to a predicted 20mm of rain on Wednesday night.

Flooding could affect fields and rural roads along the river.

As the forecast is uncertain, flooding is a possibly in Buxted near the White Hart pub and areas around Hempstead Mill.

In Uckfield there is the possibility of flooding around the Roller Mill, Mill Lane, River Way, Bridge Cottage. There is also a warning for Isfield around Isfield Mill and Isfield Bridge.

Further showers are possible Thursday, Friday and Saturday but shouldn’t make water levels higher. The river is expected to peak by 13:00 Thursday. Conditions should return to normal on Friday afternoon.

Don’t forget you can view the river level on our River Cam