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Summer!  We’re having so much fun already and plenty of ideas for a fun summer holiday with the twins before they start school in September!  Crazy!  I’m struggling to keep up with all the photos I’ve been taking of our various activities this month but here are some of my favourite places and fun things we’ve been up to so far…


Woodlands Festival

Woodlands festival was so much fun despite some super windy weather!  The sun came out and we had a blast exploring all the activities for the kids and delicious food and of course, Framfield’s own Bignose & Beardy cider!

Prism fun!

At my weekend helping out at a photography workshop in London I got to play about with my ring prism creating special effects on some portraits.  It’s lots of fun as I never quite know what results I’ll get using it from soft edges to rainbows cropping up and sparkly surprises – see more results over on the blog


Priya’s haircut for The Little Princess Trust at Buxted Village Barber

Priya’s hair was so long it almost reached her bum!  She’d only ever had one tiny trim when she was about 2 years old but has been asking for a hair cut so I took her to Buxted Village Barber with hair ready to send off to The Little Princess Trust.  They use it to make wigs for children and young people affected by hair loss, be it through cancer treatment or other conditions.  We’ve also set up a sponsorship page to send some funds along with her hair to help fund the making of the wigs if anyone would like to donate – the link is here.

Denise at Buxted Barber is great with kids and did an amazing job with P’s new hair do – she didn’t even charge us as it was for charity – so kind of her!  Priya is delighted with her new hair do – I’ve documented the before and after over on the blog and we’ve received a certificate of thanks for her hair from the charity now too.


Brighton Marina – Las Iguanas & beach fun

Nik had an afternoon off one Tuesday when he was working in Brighton so we went down and met him for lunch at Brighton Marina.  We chose Las Iguanas, I love South American food and their decor is so bright and colourful, it’s a fun place to eat.  They cater really well for kids and we all had a lovely meal!

After we’d eaten we walked around to play on the beach for a while as it was such a nice day.

The Hurstwood gastropub

I was taking photos for The Hurstwood again recently and the best perk of the job is getting to taste some of the dishes!  The work they do in the kitchen is amazing, especially given it’s so small – they have a great system so things run smoothly and I enjoyed the challenge of composing my shots in a small space without getting in the way.  The food is delicious!  I love that they’re a proper little family run gastropub, growing their own produce in the gorgeous beer garden and I’ll be going back to photograph them in October when they go foraging on Ashdown Forest!


Garden fun

We love just hanging out in the garden when the weather’s nice.  A couple of weeks ago we invited friends over for a BBQ and just relaxed at home, it was lovely and the kids loved my friend Hemina joining in on the trampoline.  We’ve had various play dates enjoying the paddling pool, sprinkler, bubbles, playhouse, etc…  I’ve added some of my favourite photos to the blog.


The twins’ pre-school graduation

I can’t quite believe the twins are starting school NEXT MONTH!?  They had their little graduation ceremony at the end of pre-school and it was so lovely.  The kids all sang songs, with the actions of course, up on stage and did SO well with an audience of parents.  I was so proud of my wee munchkins, waving down (and a certain boy sticking his tongue out at me and giggling).  After their show, they all came down to collect their certificates and have a photo taken on the red spot followed by cake, which you can see they loved even more!


Lunar Eclipse

We have lovely neighbours, one of whom is a proper astronomy geek who knows I’m a photography geek so texted me about the recent lunar eclipse so I could get out and photograph it!

Lunar Eclipse Photo by Bex Maini



We had a rather eventful Friday evening last week, ending up in A&E with Kalyan after an accident at a play date!  He’s totally fine now but we had a bit of a scare when he started throwing up after a bad bump to the back of his head (my sofa climbing boy!!).  I grabbed my bag as I ran out of the door to drive him to the Princess Royal which happened to still have my camera in it from the fun shenanigans earlier in the day.  I’m so glad I had it with me to document these few hours, once we knew he was out of danger, prior to that he was dozing in my arms.

The photos while we waited to see the doctor and during the final hour of observation are some of my favourites and show the magic to be found in documenting real life, even the hard times, it’s why I love what I do!


Play-date fun

Prior to the A&E trip, we had a great time at our play date!  We’d been expecting lots of rain but the clouds cleared up after a minor shower and we got sun and heat again so the paddling pool and water came out – cue lots of crazy water fights!  So much fun!!


Vogue again & AGAIN!

I’ve had TWO more images accepted by Vogue!  These two images I submitted on Monday were both published on PhotoVogue on the Vogue Italia website, so exciting – that’s 5 I’ve had featured there now.  😀

These are both clearly very personal photos to me – taken after we’d seen the A&E doctor in Haywards Heath (see above for the whole story) and my husband, also a doctor who happened to be on call and met us at the hospital checked out our son as he lay on the bed.


Chequers pub, Maresfield – review

We were supposed to go to a festival at the weekend but given Kalyan needed to rest we thought it wasn’t the best place to be.

We had a lovely meal at the Chequers pub on Saturday night instead, it was lovely!  Read my review on the blog.


Uckfield Picture House – Movie & Pizza Deal

On Tuesday it started getting stormy out so I decided it would be the perfect day for a cinema trip.  A friend invited us to see Aladdin with her kids but I wasn’t sure my two would sit through that but stole the idea and booked Toy Story instead.  The pizza deal at The Picture House seemed like a good option for lunch straight after too so I booked it (£15.50 for me and £10.50 for each of the kids so basically an extra £5-6 each).


Next month: 

More fun activities from our list of summer holiday fun and I’m doing my first family pool photo session tomorrow!

We’ve also got Medieval Festival at the end of the month which is ALWAYS good fun!