Out & About in Sussex with Bex Maini & the twins – September 19

Bex Maini & Twins (Olive Dragonfly Blog)

We’ve had another fun month, enjoying the Indian summer at the beginning of the month with a visit from my Dad, brother and nephew, a trip to the beach, fish & chips and sunset and our last festival of the year, Into the Trees, lunch at Hartfields, dinner at The Hurstwood and even a BBQ with toasted marshmallows, then it cooler and very wet so we holed up at home baking cake, making soup and watching films…

Listen in tomorrow at 11:30am when I chat to Jacqui Rushton live on air about what we’ve been up to this month and the places I recommend!


Nelson Coffee in Eastbourne – review

We had a leaving do for a couple of girls at work recently and went out for steak in Eastbourne before staying over with our friend/colleague Gabby.  I got to have an actual lie-in, followed by BRUNCH, my favourite meal!!  I loved Nelson Coffee, their food was amazing, highly recommend it!

A visit from my nephew!

It was so lovely to see my nephew and brother again, they live way up in Darlington so we hardly get the chance to hang out.  The twins adore Cameron and he is a huge fan of Kalyan in particular which you can see in the photos I took of them in Hartfields (see below).

I took the opportunity to take some new photos of them with a very miniature Daddy & Son session while they stayed with us.  These are such fun sessions, I wish Dads were more interested in photo sessions with their kids – these memories are so precious!  Also, how adorable is he??…

I can’t wait to meet his baby sister next year!  😀


Lunch at Hartfields

You know I love Hartfields so when my brother and nephew were visiting we took them there with the twins to celebrate finishing their first week at school on the Friday.  I had the stuffed chicken with pesto linguine – YUM!  It didn’t disappoint, we all enjoyed our meals and the fabulous company and surroundings.


Rock pooling at Rottingdean

Well, despite us finally getting the timing right for tides (and good lighting), the twins were actually not all that interested in the rock pools!  It didn’t help that their wellies leaked, we’ve since discovered a couple of minor splits, but they did love playing on the beach nonetheless.

And you can’t beat a trip to the beach finished off with fish & chips at sunset!!


Into the Trees Festival

We had a great time at Into the Trees, the sister festival of Elderflower Fields at Pippingford Park!  There were so many activities and each year as the twins get older, there’s more and more they can really get into.  This year our favourites were Disc Golf (an awesome game of Frisbee), pond-dipping, the camera obscura, tree listening and of course “paint face” is still Priya’s favourite festival treat!


Toasting Marshmallows – BBQ fun

We made the most of the lovely late summer weather at the start of September with a BBQ and of course, marshmallows!  You can’t beat a crispy, melted marshmallow after a BBQ and the twins loved a rare dose of sugary goodness!  😉


Baking Carrot Cake – documenting our everyday

We had a lot of carrots so…. carrot soup and carrot cake of course!  I love documenting the ordinary days as well as the adventures we go on.  Some of these moments at home are among my favourite memories so I always have my camera handy.  I forgot to take a photo of my finished cake though but I assure you it was tasty, the recipe I use is over on the blog with more photos of my gorgeous assistant doing an awesome job of peeling all those carrots!


An Oephelia inspired photo shoot in the River Uck!

I’ve wanted to do a shoot like this for so long so when Gabriella mentioned wanting some photos for Instagram and being up for doing something creative, we planned an afternoon in the woods near High Hurstwood!  It was SO much fun, proper food for my creative soul, playing with double exposures, prisms and other creative techniques as well as some dark and moody shots of Gabby in the water.  We’re both so pleased with the results!


Colour Chase Challenge – Blue & Gold

I’ve been catching up on my Colour Chase Challenge with my collage for August being blue and September was gold.  October is orange so I can’t wait to get some pumpkin fun in for this month!


Next month:

I have a few foodie reviews of places in Tunbridge Wells to share which I’ve yet to write up from the end of this month including brunch at Framptons, lunch at Giggling Squid, Sunday roast at The Guinea and date night dinner at Zorba!  Of course there will be Halloween fun too with another visit to a local pumpkin patch, I’m not sure where yet, last year we had a lot of fun at Tulley’s Farm so we might head back that way again and also check out this year’s Spook Fest!