World of Country – 14/07/19

Join Paul Hazell for World of Country on alternate Sundays from 9pm - 11pm

Join Paul Hazell for World of Country on Sundays from 9pm - 11pm

Everything played on this edition of World of Country.

The programme included tributes to Leon Redbone, Wal McQuaker, Cowboy Bob Purtell and bluegrass artist Vern Young, who all passed away recently.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Gary Roberts (UK) You’ve Been Away For Much Too Long
Ron Hayward (NZ) Happy Side Of Lonesome
Jannet Bodewes (Hol) Roadkill Café
Leon Redbone Tribute
Leon Redbone (US) She Ain’t Rose
Leon Redbone (US) My Good Gal’s Gone Blues
Leon Redbone (US) Any Time
Leon Redbone (US) Long Gone Lonesome Blues
End Leon Redbone Tribute
Noel Balfour (Aus) In Case You Change Your Mind
Robert Mizzell (Ire) Who’s Gonna dance With Sally Ann?
Big John Ray (SA) Mansion Over The Hilltop
Tribute to Wal McQuaker
Wal McQuaker (Aus) The Cattle Rustlers
Wal McQuaker (Aus) Orara Valley Waltz
End Tribute to Wal McQuaker
Col Thomson (Aus) Hunter Valley Moon
Shavonne Aliphon (NZ) These Broken Promises
Tribute to Cowboy Bob Purtell
Cowboy Bob Purtell (Aus) Trucker’s Lullaby
Cowboy Bob Purtell (Aus) Motivatin’ Day
End Tribute to Cowboy Bob Purtell
Reg Lindsay (Aus) Armstrong
Anita Ree (Aus) Sweet Suger Cane
Vern Young Tribute
Vern Young (US) You’re No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine
Vern Young (US) Moonlight On My Cabin
Vern Young (US) Gathering Flowers For The Master’s Bouquet
End Vern Young Tribute
Eddy Raven (US) Cajun Country Boy
Jimmy Payne (US) My Most Requested Song
Jimmie Tokita & His Mountain Playboys (JAP) When It’s lamp Lighting Time In The Valley
Caroline Du Preez (SA) Cottonfields