World of Country – 10/11/19

Paul Hazell's World of Country can be heard on alternate Sunday evenings from 7pm

Everything played on this edition of the programme with Paul Hazell.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Monte Mills & The Lucky Horshoe Band (US) Time Changes Everything
Wayne Horsburgh & The Howie Bros (Aus) He’ll Have To Go
Stompin’ Tom Connors (Can) Lady K D Lang
K D Lang (Can) Sugar Moon
Jimmy Stone (SA) That’s How The Yodel Was Born
Brian Golbey (UK) with N Strutt, P Stanley, D Hatfield Last Train South
Franzl Lang (Germany) There’s A House In The Silver Mountains
Nat Stuckey (US) Sweet Thang
Great Speckled Bird (Ian & Syvia Tyson) (Can) Smiling Wine
Jared Rogerson (US) Cowboy Caches
Dougie Trineer (Can) Make Him A Soldier
The Woodpickers (Aus) One True Love
Jannie Van Neikerk (SA) Vaarwel My Liefling (Goodbye Little Darling Goodbye)
Dust In My Coffee (US) Dakota
Hans Sommer (Hol) Ik Hou Van Jou (I Love You Because)
Johnny Heap (Aus) When You And I Were Young, Maggie
Otis Truax (US) Someone’s Everything
Ron Gallagher (NZ) Put My Little Shoes Away
Clyde Moody (US) Carolina Wal;tz
Singing Kettles (Aus) That Old Log Cabin Of Mine
Johnny Greenwood (Aus) My Richmond River Home
Max McCauley (NZ) Sweet Little Lover
Nothin’ Fancy (US) House Of Gold
Glenn Erickson (US) I Don’t Know You Anymore
Kazuya Kosaka (Jap) Y’all Come (in Japanese)
Brent McAthey (Can) You Don’t Know Dick (Tribute To Dick Damron)
Dick Damron (Can) Secrets Of Your Heart