World of Country – 10/02/19

Paul Hazell's World of Country can be heard on alternate Sunday evenings from 7pm

This edition of the programme with Paul Hazell included a number of tributes.

Tributes were featured to the music of Buddy Holly on the 60th anniversary of his death. Also to Bonnie Guitar and Harold Bradley who both passed away recently.

Music played:

Thornton, Barry (Aus) Winter Winds
Blue Moon Rising (US) Louisville Rambler
Thick Crust Doughboys (US) High Noon Trot
Lonnie Spiker (US) Sadie
Elaine Palmer (UK) Blackened Heart
Begin: The Day The Music Died Special (February 3rd 1959)
Buddy Holly & Bob Montgomery (US) Flower Of My Heart
Buddy Holly & Bob Montgomery (US) I Gambled My Heart
Buddy Holly (US) Heartbeat
Benny Barnes (US) Gold Records In The Snow
Skeeter Davis (US) Early In The Morning
Waylon Jennings (US) Buddy Holly Medley: Well Alright / It’s So Easy /
Tommy Allsup (US) True Love Ways
David Frizzell, Jimmy Fortune & Helen Cornelius (US) Everyday
End The Day The Music Died Special (February 3rd 1959)
Kristy Cox (Aus) South To North Carolina
James Lee Baker (US) Cowtown Blues
Shavonne Aliphon (NZ) Room Full Of Roses
Nolan Cormier & The LA Aces (US) Hee Haw Breakdown
Begin Bonnie Guitar Tribute
Bonnie Guitar (US) Peace In The Valley
Bonnie Guitar (US) Dark Moon
Bonnie Guitar (US) Leaves Are The Tears Of Autumn
Bonnie Guitar (US) Mr Fire Eyes
End Bonnie Guitar Tribute
Wilf Carter (Can) Headed For The Warwick Rodeo
Chrissie Rossouw (SA) Long Black Train
Begin Harold Bradley Tribute
Harold Bradley, His Guitar & Orchestra (US) Devil Woman
Slim Whitman (US) I’m So Lonesome
Harold Bradley (US) Misty
End Harold Bradley Tribute