Future Sounds – 17/01/19

Get a selection of new sounds with Martyn Grenfell on Saturdays, 11am - 2pm

This week’s selection of genre hopping, globe trotting brand new sounds.

Music played:

Matt Mitchell and the Coldhearts – Black Diamonds
Chasing Deer – Placebo
Skylephant – Breakout
Jon Tessier – For A Little Eye Candy
Sons of Liberty – If It Ain’t Southern
Lee Christian – I’ve Got Something 4 U (Badd 4 U Mix)
Crooked Ghost – Roadkill
I The Victor – Hypotheticals
Paris Street Rebels – Freakshow
The Michael Mills Band – Dream A Dream
Desert Ships – Idle Daze
Midnight Mystery Club – Richest Man in the World
ShapeShiftingAliens – Fade Away
Welwyn Garden City – Ain’t About The Money
Dusty Stragglers – Strange Neighbours
Andy Grimwood – Black Dress
Elena Ramona – Electric Love
Angus Munro – Mirror Man
Daniel Shaw – Don’t Leave Me Now
Beacon – Who Are You
Maisie Bourke – Cheap
Captain of the Lost Waves – January
Geppetto & The Whales – Faust
Christopher Sky – Gold For Silver